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1 Understand how a framework of an integrated framework integrated systems affects the administrative performance

Post Date: 15 - Jan - 2020

Administrative Systems


Unit aims

This unit explores how a framework of systems can be used to improve the administrative performance of organisations. It examines the impact administration has on the organisation and the need for sound administrative policies and procedures to manage organisational activities. Learners who aspire to design administrative systems, policies and procedures will develop the fundamental knowledge and understanding necessary for such job roles.


Unit level



Unit code






Credit value



Unit grading structure



Assessment guidance

To achieve this unit, learners must achieve the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by the assessment criteria for the unit.

Additional assessment guidance is provided on the ATHE sample assignment brief. The unit requires learners to apply their knowledge and understanding through an evaluation of an integrated framework of systems (AC1.3) and by judging whether a set of procedures meet customer requirements (AC2.4). Therefore, learners will need access to specific information for organisations they know well for example where they are currently employed or are on work placement.


Learning outcomes

The learner will:


1 Understand how a framework of an integrated framework integrated systems affects the administrative performance

1.1 Explain the contribution of systems makes to efficient and effective administrative performance of organisations
1.2 Evaluate the potential drawbacks to systems in an organisational context
1.3 Evaluate an integrated framework of systems in a specified organisation

2  Understand the role and function of administrative procedures for a specified customer requirements

2.1 Identify criteria for development of policies and procedures in meeting organisation
2.2 Analyse the purposes of administrative policies and procedures
2.3 Analyse the relationship between formulating policy and preparing procedures
2.4 Judge the extent to which a set of procedures meets customer requirements

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