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1 Understand the activities that make up management

Post Date: 09 - Aug - 2023

Managing Operations

Unit aims

The aim of this unit is to examine how operations support other service or manufacturing activities. Learners will explore how administration enables the effective management of operations across business functions, incorporating the management of the supply chain. Learners who aspire to positions in operations management will develop the fundamental knowledge and understanding necessary for such job roles.

Unit level


Unit code




Credit value


Unit grading structure


Assessment guidance

To achieve this unit, learners must achieve the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by the assessment criteria for the unit.

Additional assessment guidance is provided on the ATHE sample assignment brief. To demonstrate achievement of the standards  learners are required to provide examples from businesses with different types of operational systems. Learners can draw on their place of work, case studies or other organisations that have been researched to provide examples of operations management practices within different businesses.

Learning outcomes

The learner will/can:


1  Understand the activities that make up management

1.1 Outline the main types of operations found operations within businesses

1.2 Explain how all operational activities can be represented as systems

1.3 Evaluate the characteristics which differentiate operational systems

2  Understand the relationship between operations and performance

2.1 Explain how the operations function supports business performance

2.2 Identify the main internal measures of success used by businesses

2.3 Evaluate how internal measures of success link to business objectives

3 Understand the importance of management

3.1 Examine the relationship between operations and administration in administrative management

3.2 Compare the process and functional approaches to operations management

4  Understand  the  relationship  between operations management and business functions

4.1 Examine the relationship between operations and the supply chain

4.2 Examine the links between operations and quality management



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