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A132CPM (Law, Economics, and Management)

Post Date: 09 - Aug - 2023

School of Built Environment Coursework Individual Assignment

Module: A132CPM (Law, Economics, and Management)
Assignment Title: Application of Law, Economics &
Management Assignment Identifier: NA
Date & Time of Submission: (Week 5,) Presentation Week 6
Assignment Weighting: 50%
Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an ability to research, use of theoretical concepts, interpret legal terminology when responding to questions and applying the concepts to practice.

Description of Assignment
This Assignment Coursework consists of 3 main questions and a 10 minutes oral presentation. This assignment adds up to 100 marks and accounts for 50% of the assessment for the module.
Question 1
Research into and discuss the Bankruptcy process with regards to individual insolvency in Singapore, its origin, enforcement, restrictions for the individual bankrupt including the various options of discharging and annulment of the Bankruptcy order. (Total 30 marks)
Question 2
You are engaged as a Consultant Project Manager by subcontractor Bui Gong Pte Ltd who has a claim dispute with the main contractor regarding the settlement of the final payment of a Main Upgrading HDB project in Singapore. You are required to conduct research in the Security of Payment Act 2004 (SOPA) and advise the subcontractor on adjudication procedures in accordance with SOPA 2004. (Total 20 marks)
Question 3.
a. You work for a construction company. The company is mainly involved in road construction projects from resurfacing of roads, building pedestrian bridges and construction of flyovers etc. (Total 25 marks)

  • i. Which organisation structure would you recommend for your company and why? (5 marks)
  • ii. Draw the appropriate organisation structure.(5 marks)
  • iii. Explain THREE (3) advantages and TWO (2) disadvantage of this structure? (5 marks)

b. Discuss any FIVE (5) project considerations in choosing an appropriate project management structure for a Global Construction organisation. (10 marks)


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