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Achieving Happiness at work OR at home | (Outclass Assignment) HAP 200

Post Date: 03 - Aug - 2023

(Outclass Assignment) HAP 200

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Title: Achieving Happiness at work OR at home:(15Marks)

By using the happiness principles and theories, write a report atLEAST(1500 Word)about how you can achieve happiness at work,ORat Home, you can use the following ideas to write your report:

1- Interview one of your colleagues. (ask him / her) what makes you happy at work / Home?

2- Love what you do at you work / Home.

3- Establishing Healthy relationships with others.

4- Avoiding Toxic coworkers, Struggling with family members.

5- Collaboration with others.

6- Avoiding anger.

7- Engage in give -and -take conversation.

8- Being a team Player.

9- Treating your work problems with civility.

10- Be motivated.


1-Submission date:(On both portal, hand to hand).

2-Individual work: Each student MUST write this report and submitted to his / her portal.

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