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Amazon-UK report

Post Date: 01 - Jan - 2024

Amazon-UK report

Report must follow this precisely:

1. Introduction

Summarise the whole report in terms of its purpose, data collection methods, major findings, suggestions / conclusion, limitations, and report structure.  (200 Words)

2. Strategic environment analysis

  • Critically evaluate different internal and external strategic environment analytical tools :- Analytical tools needed are…porters 5 forces, Mckinsey 7S, Pestle, and Swot analysis……write briefly around (800 words)
  • Analyze the UK contemporary strategic environment for the Amazon’s by using proper external strategic environment analytical tool(s):-

           External Analysis to be used is- Pestle Analysis- 1000 words

Lasserre’s book Chapter 6, Parboteeah and Cullen’s book Chapter 5 and 6. For further reading: Richard Lynch’s book Chapter 3)

3.Entry strategy- (participation strategy)

  • Identify the initial market entry mode(s) for the UK  100 words
  • Outline the key influential factors in the internal and the external environments that you believe influenced the company’s entry mode decision at that time. DO NOT writes another strategic environment analysis here. 600 words

4.Amazon’s performance review- UK

  • financial performance-uk  write 200 words with a diagrams and trends

5. Amazon’s progress factors

  • identity the key influential factors which you believe will influence the company’s future development in the UK market, and explain how they would impact on the companywrite 400 words

6. Future business strategy recommendation

  • some proper recommendations on the company’s current business strategy in the global market. This can be, for instance, increase or withdrew the investment in certain countries; develop new market, new product, new strategic alliance, and etc. You should always explain why you give certain recommendations (that means your recommendation should be reasonable). write 300 words

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