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Analyse and then design promotional material for an event at a Birmingham Venue of your choice

Post Date: 20 - Feb - 2020


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Principles of Communication

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Creative Communication Analysis and Solutions ( Part B)




50% of the overall mark


Chris Watson, Derek Hopper, Gwyn Stewart     

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Module Learning Outcomes covered in this assignment

2) Devise a promotional and communication strategy

3) Assess and develop promotional communications

Submission Format (include ATS key for hard copy submission



Assignment Task

This assignment is group work.

You are to analyse and then design promotional material for an event at a Birmingham Venue of your choice.

Read the criteria listed below and include these sections in your portfolio.

Please note: All the individual sections will be covered in lectures throughout the semester.

You are to create and promote a new product or service in the form of a themed event based at a Birmingham Venue of your choice.  The event will be aimed at consumers in the age range 18 to 25.

You will need to ensure the final Promotional Design Material should include one above the line, a Billboard and one below the line, a flyer.

The themes you could consider for your event are:

Film; Competition; Adrenaline; Special Occasions (Once in a lifetime); Health & Beauty; Lifestyle; Meeting people (Socialisation); an Exhibition; Mobility; Exotic or Indulgent and Seasonality.

(NOTE: Your solution should be for an event and NOT the venue itself.)

Once you have agreed on the new event, this assignment requires you to work in groups to produce the followingAnalysis and Promotional Design Material:

Part B.

You will be expected to complete and hand in sections 1 to 5.

Part B.

Section 6. Visual Research

Provide evidence of your visual research (1 to 3 A4 sheets)

Please note: Printed Visual research must NOT be submitted loose. It must be cut and pasted onto A4 sheets and colour copied so your work will photocopy if part of the verified (cross-marked) sample.

Section 7. Design Elements

Provide a selection of appropriate design elements (Colour Typography & Images) that will communicate your product to your target market. (Use template provided)

Section 8. TEN Rough draft ideas

Provide 5 rough draft above the line ideas and 5 rough draft below the line ideas to effectively promote your event to its target market.

This must include the “mind mapping” – visual concepts process.

Please note: You must ensure that any sketches are done in PEN rather than pencil so your work will photocopy if part of the verified (cross-marked) sample.

Section 9. Final Solutions

Select and develop a final above the line design and a below the line design (to technical execution standard) that effectively promotes your product to its target market. Please ensure that the two types of promotion are on separate sheets and clearly marked. (1A4 sheet for each design)

Section10. Review of creative idea process &Justification of final solution (250 words)

Provide a description of the process of choosing and developing the final ideas to technical execution standard. Justify why you believe your final ideas are an effective solution.

It is expected that all group members contribute equally to each aspect of the assignment from research to the final portfolio and that groups will meet regularly to discuss their progress

(outside of lectures or design sessions). You will be expected to keep group and individual logs for lecturer and group discussions during the design hours. These will aid both formative feedback and marking.Students should make every effort to resolve any potential difficulties within their groups as they would in a professional environment.

Where clear evidence is presented to the lecturers during the formative feedback period that a member of the group is not working collaboratively the lecturer reserves the right to give a different mark to that individual without adversely affecting the other members of the group.

Task Guidance

For guidance on this assignment, will be covered in designated lectures.

General Assignment Guidance


Should this assignment require you to work as part of a team, you will receive an individual grade based upon your performance as well as personalised feedback. The module leader will explain how your individual grade and feedback will be determined.

Importance of Word Counts and Presentation Timings

Assignment word counts and presentation timings should always be observed. Ignoring a word count increases significantly the risk of your work losing marks because it lacked structure, flow, focus and clarity. Timings must be observed for assessed presentations for the same reasons. 



Cut-off date for late work


Grading criteria




Extenuating Circumstances


UCB Referencing Guide


General Academic Guidance


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