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Assignment–International Luxury Branding Analysis

Post Date: 10 - Aug - 2023

Assignment–International Luxury Branding Analysis (50%) (1500 Words) Week 12

Course Work Title

Choose ONE fashion Retailer and ONE Country of Choice other than the UK

“Write a 1500 wordcritical review which analyses and evaluates the competitive luxury branding strategies adopted by the chosen fashion retailer in the country of choice. You should also suggest one future retailing strategy which should be considered in order to maximize and sustain future performance”

Use the following suggestions to structure your answer.

  • Approximately 900 words  which analyses and evaluates the competitive luxury branding strategies adopted by the chosen fashion retailer in the country of choice, within the context of the retailing environment
  • Approximately 400 words to suggest one future retailing strategy which should be considered in order to maximise and sustain future performance
  • Approximately 200 words for introducing and briefly concluding the essay

You are required to write a 1500 word critical analysis and evaluation of your retailer’s luxury branding strategies in report format. The purpose of the report is to briefly summarise key points about the international fashion retailing environment for the chosen country, fully identify and evaluate competitive branding strategies adopted by the chosen company and appreciate future retailing trends by way of proposing one future strategy deemed necessary for continued organisational success: it is a summary of your knowledge.

The report should provide a synopsis of the market, luxury branding strategies and a proposal of one potential future strategy for your retailer.

The main function of this type of document is to make it possible to quickly review the most important facts or points of a topic without having to read through what may be a substantial amount of data in full.

This type of report usually contains a brief introduction, provides essential background data about the topic area, and then moves on to providing brief summaries of the analysis associated with the topic areas.

Finally the report will outline the conclusions reached and strategies’ best suited to the target retailer and suggest possible courses of action based on those conclusions. It is to be a document that provides a quick, yet concise description of strategic ideas for international fashion retail businesses. Include the word limit on the front of the report to avoid being penalised.

Throughout the unit, seminars will be focused on understanding and applying relevant theoretical concepts and constructs designed to encourage participation and improve understanding and will also include critical individual and group feedback.

All the topic areas will be taught in-depth and students are also expected to read widely around the subject and find relevant recent academic journal papers to add to their knowledge and the reading list provided.

Instructions to Students:

You should include key points to be investigated, references (using the Harvard referencing system) and examples where appropriate.

The following criteria should be met:

  • A critical review of the retailing environment for the chosen country (this should include some key secondary data related to PESTLE, an analysis of the market in terms of customers and competitors for the chosen retailer, and a brief discussion on the company’s market positioning strategy).
  • A critical analysis of the competitive branding strategies adopted by the chosen retailer, with evidence and references to support findings (you should discuss within the context of the retailing environment, product, place, price and promotional strategies adopted. However, due to word limit, you may focus on one branding strategy which you feel has added significant value for the company with justifications.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of future trends / growth opportunities / recommendations for future growth
  • The report must be word processed and in font size 12.
  • The report must be Harvard referenced and contain a minimum of 20 references.
  • The word limit must be specified on the front cover of the report

Report tips

  • Keep your language strong and positive. Short, sharp points made with academic evidence supporting your point.
  • Your report should focus on the opportunities’ for your retailer and why the opportunity is necessary and special.
  • You may should select the title “Country of Choice Branding Report” and identify the country and retailer on the front   cover.

This is an exercise about critical thinking, developing an analysis, and making a clear case for your conclusions.

The report can be started from week 7 and added to each week. Directed and independent learning will be promoted throughout the unit. The report should be presented professionally. Please use visuals and diagrams where appropriate.

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