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Be able to supervise the maintenance of facilities and equipment in own area of responsibility

Post Date: 01 - Dec - 2019

Unit 26: Supervise the maintenance of equipment and facilities active leisure

Unit reference number: K/503/0872
QCF level: 3
Credit value: 5
Guided learning hours: 25

Unit summary

This unit covers the knowledge and competence that the learner needs to supervise the maintenance of equipment and facilities.

Assessment requirements/evidence requirements

Learning outcomes 1 and 2

Evidence of performance in the workplace on more than one occasion. There should be a combination of at least two of the following:

  • observation (for example of the learner checking equipment and facilities and supervising repairs and improvements)
  • testimony of others (for example line manager or internal maintenance staff of external contractor)
  • products of work (for example specifications and schedules for maintenance, maintenance records, records of meetings with maintenance staff/contractors, relevant correspondence, notes of team meetings)
  • reflective account. Simulations are not allowed

Assessment methodology

This unit is assessed in the workplace or in conditions resembling the workplace. Learners can enter the types of evidence they are presenting for assessment and the submission date against each assessment criterion.

Alternatively, centre documentation should be used to record this information.

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

Learning outcomes

Assessment criteria

Evidence type

Portfolio reference


1.            Be able to supervise the maintenance of facilities and equipment in own area of responsibility

Ensure staff in own area of responsibility understand and support agreed standards for the condition of equipment and facilities

Ensure staff have the necessary resources and skills to monitor and maintain the condition of facilities and equipment

Ensure the checking and maintenance of facilities and equipment follow the agreed schedule and health and safety requirements

Carry out spot checks to make sure that facilities and equipment are up to agreed standards

Encourage staff to report any problems with facilities and equipment when they occur

Deal with identified problems according to agreed procedures

Maintain records to do with checking and maintenance and store them in the correct location




2.            Be able to supervise repairs and improvements to facilities and equipment

Make sure there is a specification, schedule and plan for the work, agreed with the people carrying out  the work and relevant colleagues

Make arrangements which minimise disruption to normal and emergency operating plans and take account of possible contingencies

Give relevant staff and users information about the work being carried out and any arrangements that affect them

Put procedures in place to maintain the health and safety of staff and users when work is underway

Monitor the work and provide support to make sure it meets the agreed specification and schedule

Refer any problems beyond own level of responsibility to an appropriate colleague

Check that work when completed meets the agreed specification

Complete records of the work which has been done and store them in the correct location

Update staff and users on the work that has been carried out




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