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Briefly describe the incident and then provide an analysis of the way the company handled the issue drawing on the various topics covered in this unit

Post Date: 19 - Dec - 2023

9527 Management Communication - Assessment overview

Reflective Journals Part A and B

Value: 50% (20% Part A + 30% Part B)


The purpose of the reflective journal is to have students progressively examine and demonstrate an understanding of all the material covered in this unit. Each module includes “Journal:” exercises. Unless otherwise specified it is expected that students will provide 1-2 paragraph short answers for each exercise listed. It is envisaged that the individual short answers will take approximately 5 minutes each.

As a student it is CRITICAL that you complete the journal tasks progressively. When done progressively these will assist you in understanding the material you have just watched/read and will assist you to develop the skills needed to successfully complete the other assessment tasks in this unit.

The reflective journal will be submitted electronically through the unit moodle site. Do not include the question text or any other text that is not your own original work or a correctly attributed quote.

Each journal should be submitted as a single .doc file (please ensure you frequently back-up your journal throughout this unit to reduce the risk of data loss).

You will be required to submit “Reflective Journal A” on completion of Module 7 and “Reflective Journal B” on completion of Module 15.

Please ensure that you clearly label the question numbers against your answer but do not include the question text.

Note that the reflective journal is both an assessment tool and part of the learning experience.

Marking Criteria - Reflective Journals A & B

Each question is equally weighted. Each question is graded on a scale as follows:

  • 0 points – No response or response did not address question
  • 1 point – superficial or partial response
  • 2 points – complete response that adequately addresses all aspects of the question
  • 4 points – excellent response that draws on external evidence and other high quality sources


Value: 50% Instructions:

A 2000 word academic essay is due at the end of the unit with the following topic:

Identify a major business incident that occurred at least 2 years ago. Briefly describe the incident and then provide an analysis of the way the company handled the issue drawing on the various topics covered in this unit. You will need to draw on news reports (written and video), press releases, interviews, and company reports and investigate these in light of the various topics in this unit. As it is an academic essay you are expected to draw on academic journal articles (available online through the UC library) and other academic sources outside of the materials provided in this unit. Ensure that any video material accessed online is fully referenced and the link provided with your essay.

For purposes of this assignment, a “business incident” is any event (typically negative) that either resulted from communication issues or that required a considerable communication response (or both)

–  examples include company responses to natural or manmade disasters/accidents, corporate financial scandals, significant product recalls etc.

This unit uses the Harvard referencing and citation style. An abridged guide to this system is at  https://www.canberra.edu.au/studyskills/writing/sources

Marking Criteria - Essay

The following criteria will be used:

  1. Evidence of research.
  2. Evidence of understanding the topic.
  3. Evidence of analysis and consideration of alternate points of view.
  4. Evidence of directly seeking to address the topic and providing a substantive point of view.
  5. Use of facts and information to develop and substantiate analysis and argument.
  6. Use of logic and clarity of thought in presenting your arguments.
  7. Use of correct punctuation, acknowledgement and citation of sources.
  8. Inclusion of a bibliography.


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