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Coursework Assessment: Urban Design Implementation Strategy

Post Date: 28 - Jan - 2020

Coursework Assessment: Urban Design Implementation Strategy

Word Limit: 2,500-word

Urban Design Policy and Practice will be assessed via a 2,500-word report exploring the implementation and delivery of the University of Glasgow Gilmorehill Campus Development Masterplan (available on Moodle). The coursework will constitute 100% of the summative assessment requirements.

As noted in the course timetable, students will also be expected to complete a short formative assessment task during the semester. This will be undertaken during class time. For regulations concerning assessment criteria and late submission, students should refer to the subject area postgraduate student handbook. Coursework Brief The planning and urban design consultancy that you work for has been contracted by the University of Glasgow to report on how to take forward the 2016 Gilmorehill Campus Development Masterplan following approval of a capital budget the University Senate in December 2016. You have been asked to act as ‘a critical friend’ and are tasked with reviewing the document and offering a series of detailed recommendations on its implementation. In undertaking this task, the University would like you to: (a) summarise the key strengths and weaknesses of the urban design masterplan as you see them, and (b) produce a detailed implementation framework that considers the ways in which the Masterplan might be realised using urban design tools and mechanisms. In considering the scope of your implementation framework, you should pay particular attention to the tools and mechanism introduced during Urban Design Policy and Practice. Your report should be written in a professional manner and be suitable for presentation to a client. Diagrams detailing the implementation process or highlighting particular visual ideas contained in the Masterplan are welcome, but the bulk of the report should focus on a written evaluation and analysis. You should determine the structure of the report and the themes you wish to focus on independently. Remember that you only have a limited word count, so please try to write carefully and concisely. Furthermore, despite this being a professional report, diligent academic referencing and referral to the literature on urban design policy and practice must be demonstrated. Please make sure you refer to the extended reading list contained in the handbook.

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