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Define the key marketing concepts and comment on their effectiveness using Ryanair

Post Date: 10 - Aug - 2023

Assessment Brief 1

Marketing Principles & Practice


Module Details

Module Name:

Marketing Principles and Practice

Module Code:




Credit Value


Assessment Structure


Item of Assessment


Individual Presentation and Report


This assignment is worth 30% of the module grade

Acceptable Formats for Submission

Microsoft Word and Power Point

Learning Outcomes for the item of assessment

This item of assessment covers the following learning outcomes. For the full list of learning outcomes for the module, please refer to the Module Study Guide.

  1. Understand  how  marketing  concepts  and  principles  are  used  in  daily  business operations.
  2. Explain key marketing concepts and terminology.
  3. Explain how consumers make their buying decisions under various conditions, both locally and internationally, as well as online versus offline.
  4. Communicate findings and plans effectively.

Assessment Grading

Your work will be marked in grades rather than percentages. This is considered to deliver the most accurate and fair outcomes for students. Each assignment that you undertake will be assessed using the common grading system. Information about the grading system can be found in your Student Handbook.

The Grade Criteria can be found in Appendix C of your Student Handbook.

Assessment 1 Details


Purpose of the task

This assignment has been designed to allow students the opportunity to explain how an organisation applies a range of marketing concept and to explore how its customer makes their buying decisions. In addition, student will be able to deliver their findings in an individual presentation.

Assignment Part A:

  • Read the brief case study below on Ryanair and evaluate how the organisation uses marketing concepts to achieve its goals.
  • In your report, you should refer to academic literature, reputable online resources and industry examples from the Ryanair. You must write a report following the structure and guidance outlined below the case study.

Ryanair: how a small Irish airline conquered Europe

Just a few years ago Ryanair was a tiny, impoverished Irish airline trying unsuccessfully to compete with Aer Lingus using a handful of elderly turboprop planes. In 2003 its share price was so high the company is worth more than British Airways, and with the unlikely business model of selling seats for as little as 99p for the privilege of flying to airports perhaps 50 miles outside the cities they purport to serve, Ryanair has become the most profitable airline in Europe. Controversy, whether it be its militant lack of sympathy for its passengers when their flight is delayed or cancelled, its robust approach to industrial relations, or indeed the industrial language favoured by its charismatic and buccaneering chief executive, Michael O`Leary - and, most recently, the EU ruling that Ryanair`s strategy of getting cities like Strasbourg to pay it handsomely for the privilege of landing at their airport contravenes competition law. However, the supercharged growth of this low-cost airline has actually changed the way countless people live their lives, whether it be Ireland`s new `Ryanair Generation` for whom its cheap flights to Dublin have eliminated much permanent emigration to the UK, or the thousands of Britons now enabled to buy holiday homes in rural France. Inauspicious beginnings to its current dominance, from the secret of its business strategy to the cavalier stunts and practices that have led The Guardian to dub it Eire O`Flot. Siobhan Creaton has spoken to Ryanair employees past and present, as well as its top management and those at its major rivals like British Airways and easyJet, to produce an authoritative and objective account of one of the most colourful companies in Europe.

Structure and guidance

The report should be completed using the following structure:


  • Introduce  Ryanair  and  the  products  you  are  going  to  examine,  identifying  which marketing concepts you will apply

Main Body 

  • Define the key marketing concepts and comment on their effectiveness using Ryanair as an example. You need to explore the following:
  • Marketing   Management   Orientation   (The   Marketing   Concepts,   Production Orientation, Product Orientation, Sales Orientation)
  • Marketing Orientation and Societal Marketing Orientation.

Conclusions and recommendations

  • In your conclusion, summarise what you have learned about Ryanair.
  • In your recommendations, suggest how Ryanair can improve their effectiveness in the application of the marketing concepts you have discussed.

Assignment Part B: Individual Presentation 

  • For this part of your assessment, you have to deliver an individual presentation that demonstrates your understanding of the Ryanair consumers buying decision-making for any product related to the budget airline industry.
  • You will need to submit on Canvas the file with your slides (PPT) along with your AS1 Task part A (Report). You cannot pass this part of the assessment if you do not submit your slides.

The following is a recommended structure of your presentation. You may make changes as you see appropriate but ensure that your presentation is cohesive and responds to all requirements as specified above.





Chosen topic and your name

Consumer buying  decision making:  Ryanair’s  [insert the name of your chosen product]



Explain your reasons for choosing this product. Introduce the product you are going to examine


Introduction of  the consumer decision-making process  and consumer behaviour

Explain the consumer decision-making process (or any similar framework) to explain consumer behaviour and how consumers make decisions.


Application of the framework

Apply the steps of the consumer decision-making process to test your chosen framework (or apply any similar framework).


Provide examples and evaluate consumer decision-making and consumer behaviour of Ryanair consumers.



Summarise what you have learned about Ryanair consumers’ buying behaviour.


Reference List

List reference entries for all your sources in the Harvard Referencing system. Order your sources alphabetically.

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