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Develop a critical appraisal of the complexity of global and international marketing: scope, opportunities, challenges, processes and techniques of market assessment, as well as selection and evaluation of options

Post Date: 10 - Aug - 2023

Assessment Guide


Individual Portfolio                            Weighting: 100%

Portfolio’s Tasks:


  1. Video recorded Individual Presentation
  2. Written Report

Time Limit:


  • Maximum 10 minutes and not less than 8 minutes presentation
  • 1500 words, 10% 

Submission deadlines:







Learning Outcomes Evidenced by this assignment:

At the end of this module, students will be able to:


  1. Develop a critical appraisal of the complexity of global and international marketing: scope, opportunities, challenges, processes and techniques of market assessment, as well as selection and evaluation of options
  2. Appreciate   and   understand   the   challenges   of   cross-cultural marketing

Thinking skills

  1. Develop a critical awareness of contemporary issues such as multiculturalism, diversity, globalisation and attendant implicationsin the marketing process.

Subject-based practical skills

  1. Critically apply  standard methods and procedures of marketing organisation, planning, research, and strategy formulation in international and multicultural contexts,

Skills for life and work (general skills)

  1. Develop a critical understanding of the importance of culture, political and legal environments as well as other institutional prerequisites that have moderating effects on international marketing theory and practice.

Submission procedure:

All assessments are to be submitted to the tutor as hard copy apart from the video and the written brief are to be submitted Online through Turnitin.

Front-sheet is to be attached to each assessment without exceptions apart from the video.

Return of feedback and marked work:

There will be time allocated for feedback during the teaching sessions where the tutor will offer oral feedback in relation to your work. The grade and final mark will be awarded after you make your final submissions as hard copy or online as per the deadlines mentioned above. The final mark and feedback will be published by the end of each semester. You should read the feedback we post on Turnitin regarding your coursework when the marks are published on Turnitin/Moodle. It is very useful to read the comments and written feedback left by both first marker and second marker to progress in the quality of the work you submit and improve your skill

In addition to the coursework feedback there will be continuous oral feedback provided when you participate in class discussions whether during lectures, seminars or workshops. Thus attendance is essential for higher achievements. This is in addition to the feedback clinics.

Details of the assessment tasks

Portfolio’s Tasks:

1.  Video recorded Individual Presentation

2.  Written Report

Time Limit:

Maximum 10 minutes and not less than 8 minutes presentation

1500 words, 10% ±

Submission deadlines:











Task 1.

Video Presentation (40%)

As an International Marketing Consultant you are asked to examine the marketing environment of the Indian market in relation to McDonald’s case study attached. Evaluate the market opportunity identified by McDonald in India by conducting and presenting external and internal environment analysis of the Indian marketing environment and market attractiveness, the customer environment, the competitive environment and McDonald’s competitiveness in India. This also includes examining the fit between MacDonald’s competitiveness and the Indian market attractiveness.

Prepare and video record using Panopto a 10-minutes presentation that you are delivering to the organisation’s representatives

Task 2.

Written Report (60%)                                            

Following your presentation to the board who was impressed with your analysis, you have been asked to write a report to evaluate McDonald’s service offers in India. You are to write 1500 10% ± report examining the effectiveness of the value MacDonald is proposing to Indian customers and the marketing programme (marketing mix that consists of the 4Ps-7Ps) in serving Indian customers while answering the following questions.

You have been provided with a case study on McDonald’s Indian marketing strategy. You need to analysis the case and write the results of their analysis answering the relevant questions in a report style of document. You are expected to integrate relevant Marketing theory into their reports, and should incorporate academic journal articles, books, and relevant secondary sources into their analysis to collect up-to-date relevant information about the business. Your report should address the following three questions:

1.  Critically analyse the marketing strategies adopted by McDonald’s in India.

2.   Mcdonald’s localized its products and services for the Indian market. Was this the correct approach? Justify your answer with reference to relevant international marketing theory.

3.   Identify the challenges faced by McDonald’s in India going forward. How should the company overcome these challenges?

Instructions on how to present the above tasks

Individual video recorded Presentation

Presentations need to be precise and clear with sufficient information.

You need to be professional, so dress and present formally, prepare your slides skilfully so they show good computer skills, and ability to explain complex and lengthy ideas in few words with clarity and within the time limit.

Speak loud enough but not too loud and at the appropriate pace for your audiences to understand you and not get bored

Have colourful enough presentation of slides  through  the  use  of visual aids like useful and relevant charts, tables, diagrams and pictures.

Make sure you select clear, simple, formal and appropriate font size.

Practice your presentation many times before the due date to gain confidence, become familiar with the materials without the need for notes or reading from the slides or the poster, and to make sure you get the timing right.

Ask for feedback by presenting to friends, family or colleagues at work or at University.

Make sure the front-sheet is at the front of your submission.

You should provide a reference list in the last slide and reference the sources of information or knowledge and ideas in every slide as per ‘cite them right’.

You should have at least 10 different sources of information. These include academic research articles, business magazine or newspaper articles, reliable business and market research reports and case studies, and specialised academic and professional books. The list may also include online sources for country information used in the marketing environment examination such as CIA fact book, United Nation, Perceived corruption index ….etc. Remember, Wikipedia is not a reliable source, and therefore we expect you to find alternative sources.

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