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Do non-state actors fulfil global roles which states are unable or unwilling to assume?

Post Date: 11 - Dec - 2023

Assignment Two

 PAIS 314/514 Assignment 2, 2020

Weight:             50%

Length:              PAIS314 2000 word (2 x 1000) & PAIS514 2500 word (2 x 1250)

Take Home Exam Questions

Answer TWO of the following questions.

  1. A Do non-state actors fulfil global roles which states are unable or unwilling to assume?


  1. B Account for the paradox that regionalism is more advanced than ever but also fragile.
  2. Explore the notion that realism is simply a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  3. Assess whether Liberal faith in international institutions is justified.
  4. Evaluate the enduring relevance of Marxism’s critique of global capitalism.
  5. Consider how new conceptual approaches challenge orthodox theories of international relations.
  6. Analyse the main assumptions, principles and arguments of a social constructivist approach to international relations.
  7. Mount an argument for the international relations theory which is most useful in the 21stcentury.

You may respond to the above questions with reference to broad theoretical traditions or narrow it down to particular strands of theory within a given tradition, including the work of individual theorists. You may explore the above questions in relation to theory and practice though an emphasis on the former is required. You may use other theories to critique your chosen theory. These are broad topics so it is up to you decide your focus and scope and clarify this in your introduction.

For these two short essays you are required to provide in text notes. You will write entirely in your own words, thus quotations are not permitted. Do provide a separate list of references for each essay of all sources that have informed your papers. The main emphasis is on your comprehension of the topics and ability to analyse and present arguments in response to your chosen questions. Please avoid substantial overlap between exam responses and between these and the essay. You will receive generic feedback.

Assignment style checklist

  1. Heading clearly presents student name & number, writes out essay question in full, unit number, coordinator`s name & actual word count 
  2. 1.5 line spacing 
  3. Typeface for text is equivalent to 12 point Times and typeface in footnotes at least 10 point
  4. Page numbers and my name at the top of each page
  5. Left-hand margin of 3 cm and right hand margin of 2 cm
  6. Documentation in accordance with the SHum Referencing Guidelines available in the SHum Policies Booklet  
  7. Read and adhere to UNE’s policy to prevent plagiarism

Assessment Criteria

For School policies on marking, please consult the SHum Policies Booklet. In assessing your essays criteria used to determine the grade are:

  1. consistency and clarity of analysis and argument
  2. structure of analysis and argument
  3. use of appropriate evidence to sustain argument
  4. focus on, and relevance to, the topic set
  5. theoretical and conceptual understanding
  6. knowledge of topic/coverage of relevant issues
  7. evidence of reading and research, adequacy of bibliographic material
  8. original thought and critical evaluation
  9. clarity of expression
  10. reasonable command of the English language and grammar
  11. no typographical errors

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