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Explain what is meant by cognitive processes

Post Date: 01 - Aug - 2023

Unit Title: Individual Differences and Cognitive Processes

Assignment Title: Individual Differences Nature Nurture and Memory


Long answer questions

Answer the following questions in theory and research into cognitive processes

  1. Explain what is meant by cognitive processes. (AC 2.1)
  2. Briefly describe one theory that attempts to explain how information is processed into memory (AC 2.2)
  3. What were the conclusions of research supporting the theory you have described?? (AC 2.2)
  4. Evaluate the theory and/or supporting research evidence of the theory you have described (AC 2.3)


Write an essay in response to the question:

Describe and evaluate the nature versus nurture debate in psychology

You are advised to consider the following areas within your essay:

  • Define with examples, what the nature/nurture debate is within a psychological context. Examples may be from your study of unit 2, that illustrate the nature/nurture debate.
  • Describe and evaluate research into the genetic/biological/environmental factors in relation to one of your chosen examples/areas.
  • Briefly describe and evaluate the research methods used to investigate the nature/nurture basis of behavior (e.g. twin studies , adoption studies, family studies etc.)
  • Based upon the research you present, draw a conclusion relating to the above question.

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