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explained in detail the role of Feasibility Studies and Risk Assessment and Management are so critical

Post Date: 15 - Aug - 2023

Edexcel BTEC Level 5 HND

Unit 42 Project Management

To achieve a Pass it is necessary for you to have:

 satisfied all of the basic requirements of this assignment, having given specific, direct, relevant responses to each criterion - as described in the Assignment instructions


You will need to have:

 satisfied the requirements for a Pass

 used an appropriate structure and range of text formats, graphics, illustrations, and:

Section 1

 described in detail the background and principles of project management

 explained in detail the role of Feasibility Studies and Risk Assessment and Management are so critical

 explained in detail the principles underpinning project management systems and procedures, with reference to each of the key stages of the project life-cycle

 explained in detail the processes involved in Closure/Closedown and Review and Evaluation, with examples of why these stages are so important

Section 2

 identified and described the benefits and advantages of the most commonly used (project) organisational structure, with examples of how these affect the roles and responsibilities of participants within a project

 in the context of a project’s human resources, described the role of the project manager, specialists, and other team members (permanent or temporary) in managing and-or contributing to the progress of the project

 identified, assessed/discussed project leadership requirements and qualities for different types of project, focusing particularly on the key differences

 discussed the way in which human resource requirements are planned and specified in a range of different project types

Section 3

 selected a reasonably complex project from within your organisation, or your local area of it, and prepared plans for that project

 explained, with examples, how you would apply the commonly used project management planning tools and techniques to your project

 explained, with examples, what methods you would use to monitor progress of your project

 explained, with examples, why it is so critical to have project change control procedures in place for your project

 carried out a comprehensive evaluation of the completed project, focusing particularly on the “lessons learned” aspect


You will need to have satisfied the requirements for a Merit, and:

 shown evidence of research covering a wide range of business sectors and organisational types

 shown evidence of in-depth reading and research of relevant theories, models, principles, concepts

 shown evidence of collecting, analysing, organising, and presenting information from a wide range of sources

 visibly justified statements made and conclusions arrived at, through the content of the response

 presented the assignment response in an appropriate business report format, to a professional standard

 critically evaluated, in the Reflective Statement, the knowledge and understanding gained from this Unit and how it could enhance your contribution to the workplace activity in which you are involved

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