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Explain the principles and purpose of job analysis

Post Date: 01 - Aug - 2023

Title of unit/s:Contributing to the Process of Job Analysis

Learning outcomes:

  1. Be able to explain the principles, purposes and practice of job analysis.
  2. Be able to contribute to the process of job analysis.


Write a report that:

  • Explains the principles and purpose of job analysis. (AC 1.1)
  • Compares and contrasts 3 different methods of job analysis. (AC 1.2)
  • Describes how you have planned and undertaken a job analysis of a job in your organisation or the job of one of your peers, providing a copy of the plan you used. (AC 2.1,2.2)
  • Details your findings from the job analysis and makes recommendations to meet organisational requirements. (AC 2.3)

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