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Historical background of the selected entrepreneur (i.e. his/her life-history)

Post Date: 19 - Aug - 2023

Coursework: Essay (PowerPoint Presentation)

Academic Level: Masters

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum as an entrepreneur

Select any individual entrepreneur as a selection topic for your presentation.
You should be addressing the following points in your presentation:

  • Historical background of the selected entrepreneur (i.e. his/her life-history)
  • Financial background and industries, sectors that his/her activities are present.
  • Personal traits or corporate culture evident in the selected case-study
  • Employment of relevant analytical frameworks and models that shed light to the entrepreneurial behavior and traits of case-study (i.e. innovation models)
  • Discussion of risk-taking behavior and creativity elements
  • Critically evaluate the significance of the selected entrepreneur in respect to the economic/financial environment that his/her plans took off and build a case if he/she would have been successful in the current economic/financial climate (in other words you should be engaging in a critical manner with the entrepreneurial opportunities).
  • Develop a final assessment over the fundamental elements of his/her success and where do you see him/her in the future in terms of undertaking further entrepreneurial tasks and projects.

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