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How does living with animals impact the meaning of family and the experience of intimacy?

Post Date: 09 - Aug - 2023


The research question: How does living with animals impact the meaning of family and the experience of intimacy?

Design a short interview schedule of 6 questions suitable for a semi-structured interview format. The questions must be designed to generate data that will help answer the research question.

Write a 400 word reflection on how well your questions facilitated exploration of the research question.

Use the class exercise to help you reflect on the appropriateness and usefulness of your questions.

If your post-lecture/class reflection leads you to critique your original questions you will not be penalised for this. It is not a matter of getting the questions ‘right’ first go: an insightful reflection is the goal.

Your submission must include the 400 word reflection PLUS your schedule of questions. You do not have to transcribe the full interview.


Portfolio task: this has two components

1. Record, name, and upload to vUWS* an ‘everyday’ soundscape (1 minute maximum). You may use the one that you brought to your tutorial if you wish, or record a different one.

A smartphone, or an IPod with microphone, usually works well but please let your tutor know if you don’t have access to a suitable recording device.

2. A 400 words reflection on the soundscape. Explain why you recorded this soundscape and discuss its significance using relevant concepts from the set readings and lecture pods.


Portfolio Task

Preparation for the portfolio task

You cannot complete this task unless you first conduct a simple walking audit using the Walking San Diego template in this folder.

Complete a ‘walking audit’ of a short walk in your local area eg a walk along a school route, a walk to the local shops or a recreational facility (a walk that you normally do, or often drive but could in fact walk). For better data, conduct the audit with someone who is differently abled than you, or has age specific insights such as children, elderly people.

Note that we will discuss the audits in the tutorial class.

Written Portfolio Task:

How could your local environment be improved to promote a culture of walking?

This task has two components.

1. Respond to the question using the results of your audit @ 200 words. Attach the audit to your submitted task – not part of the word count.

2. Outline the research methods that you would use, and why these in particular, to generate more diverse data to answer the question @ 200 words).


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