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How Information is used in organisations

Post Date: 01 - Aug - 2023

Title: Current Issues in Information Technology

Learning Outcomes:

To enable participants:

  1. To facilitate knowledge and understanding of the full scope, complexity and responsibility of the role of information technology in the corporate environment
  2. To critique the social, political, environmental, and governance impacts related to information technology and the relationship that impact on management
  3. To explore the range of individual, organisational and societal responses


You will need aresearch questionand then conduct research around the topic drawing on both academic and industry sources, as well as potentially primary data, and presenting aninfographicbringing together your research to provide a clear, visually interesting representation of your topic and the key findings around the research question. You DO NOT have to write the research up in a formal paper the infographic is the main deliverable. However, you will have to conduct a good deal of research in order to do an effective infographic! Topics you may like to think about are:

  • How Information is used in organisations
  • Use of social media in business/management/marketing/etc
  • Technology innovation
  • Security and privacy
  • Cybercrime
  • Mobile technologies
  • Governments and technology
  • IT legislation
  • IT management
  • Specific tech sectors (e.g. gaming, media, etc.)
  • Horizon scanning topics (3D printing, VR technologies, big data, etc.) 
  • The dark side of technology

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