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Identify different perspectives and approaches to leadership

Post Date: 01 - Feb - 2020

Leadership, Personal Impact and Negotiations

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit students will be able to:

 Use concepts and theory to develop and apply influencing strategies.

 Be aware of their leadership style and modify it depending on the situation.

Essay Question

1. “….leadership will continue to have different meanings for different people.” (Rost, C 1991)

Drawing from perspectives and approaches to leadership, discuss theoretical contestations exhibited in differing conceptualisations of leadership. Apply leadership theories and concepts to highlight differing conceptualisations of leadership. Use practical examples from your experiences to support your arguments.

The essay should consider the following

 Identify different perspectives and approaches to leadership

 Discuss leadership theories and concepts.

 How do these approaches differ from each other?

 What does leadership mean to you?

 Discuss the impact of diversity on leadership practices.

 Identify and discuss influencing strategies applicable to differing leadership approaches.

 What are key elements that are shared on leadership?

 Discuss leader-followership relationship and implications to leadership practice.

 Given the different approaches / styles – which one appeals to you?

 What do you consider as effective leadership approach?

 Can you see any differences between leadership theory(ies) and practice.

 Use personal examples to support your arguments

 Use organisational examples to support your arguments.

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