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Integrate knowledge, experience and skills across all technical areas to analyse current commercial issues and evaluate alternative solutions in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Post Date: 10 - Aug - 2023









Business Analysis and Consultancy


Study Mode:

Full time







Assignment Title:

 Group Presentation on a proprosed stategy for the future of ‘Old’ Dundrum shopping centre for Hammerson Group Management


Word count:

50 min presentation








Submit assignment to:

Presentation In Class – see below


Assignment Brief:

During our classes together you will work with your team to apply some of the key concepts we look at in class to various sectors and industries, that you team will be allotted each week for the purpose of class. During class we will look at 8 topics:


  1. Introduction to strategy
  2. The environment
  3. The strategic position
  4. Corporate stategy and diversification
  1. Role and function of management
  2. Tax incentives
  3. Budgeting and ratio analysis
  4. Excel and powerpoint


For your assignment, your group will make a group presentation outlining your recommendations for a strategy for ‘old’ Dundrum shopping centre site. Imagine you are presenting not only to the owners of ‘Old Dundrum’ but also to a representative group of all the stakeholders.  I want your recommendations based on learning from class, group discussion and analysis, academic research and research on a range of similar industry players. Presentations should be be via Powerpoint, (please avoid Prezzi which consistently causes difficulties). All team members must participate and should all be familiar with all parts of the presentation.  I will ask questions of all team members during the presentation. Aim for a 50 minute presentation including 15 minutes question and answer.


Please provide me with a printed copy of the slides at the presentation to which you have attached your stakeholder analysis described above and a copy of the assignment submission sheet signed by all team members and email me a pdf copy of the slides used. Your print out copy should be no more than two slides per page. Please include photos and names of your team members in the first slide. All research must be properly referenced in your presentation (both on the slide where it is used and in a ref list at the end) and there should be a greater focus on academic research than on internet sources. I reserve the right to mark individuals separately if it is clear that someone has not put work into the presentation.


Marking Scheme:


Assessment Criteria:

% of Marks Allocated


Clear and comprehensive identification and analysis of a recommended strategy including a consideration of any available tax breaks and also of the necessary funding both long term and working capital.



Application of current thinking and research to issues



Presentation quality 



Q & A (individually marked)



Evidence of additional research beyond what was covered in classes (may be individually marked)



Attendance and participation (individually marked)


Marking criteria rubric is overleaf


Learning Outcomes Addressed in this Assignment:

(i)Advise on strategic business decisions, cognisant of the external environment and internal resources affecting the organisation, and identify feasible options.

(ii) Integrate knowledge, experience and skills across all technical areas to analyse current commercial issues and evaluate alternative solutions in compliance with regulatory requirements.

(iii) Select and apply appropriate information technologies and data analytics to analyse and identify strategic opportunities and implement strategic options.

(iv) Demonstrate leadership and interpersonal skills to build teamwork and to ensure that proposals are accepted and resources leveraged to implement projects.

 (v) Interpret and communicate technically advanced material in writing to specialist and non-specialist peers.


Additional Information:

I will be responsible for submiting via the turnitin link for each team member.




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