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K1 Demonstrate understanding of the role and importance of marketing within an organisation and within the business environment.

Post Date: 03 - Aug - 2023

Southampton Solent University

Assessment Brief

Assessment Details:

Unit Title:

Marketing in the 21st Century

Unit Code:


Unit Leader:

Jennifer Osula



Assessment Title:


Assessment Number:

AE2- Portfolio 2

Assessment Type:


Restrictions on Time/Length:

1500 words approx. targeting at Portfolio (part 3, 4 and 5, covering the rest of pages)



Assessment Weighting:


Issue Date:

Week 1 (January 2020)

Hand In Date:

Week 8 @ 4pm- Exact date in Week 8 TBC

Planned Feedback Date:

20 working days starting from the submission deadline

Mode of Submission:

on-line – myPortfolio

Number of copies to be submitted:

Where on-line submission via ‘Solent Online Learning/Turnitin’ is used, students are not required to submit a hard copy.

Anonymous Marking

This assessment will be exempt from anonymous marking as it falls within an exempt category under the University’s Anonymous Marking Policy.

Assessment Task:

Throughout the year you will be working on a project for a company. This part of the assessment focuses on yourownwork in undertaking the marketing activity for the selected company from the relevant industries.

You will produce anE-Portfoliowhich demonstrates the development of your knowledge and understanding of marketing in order to produce the required outcome for the selected company. Your E-Portfolio will be used to:

a) Demonstrate your learning journey in order to develop appropriate marketing outcomes/resources for your selected company.

b) put forward your ideas to your team which feed into proposal development and the recommendations as the next piece of assessment (group presentations)

Within your portfolio you be responsible for the development, organisation and presentation. You will be provided with thorough training in order to support you with the development of your portfolio.

The following provides the minimum requirements for your portfolio (the unit team expect you to incorporate your own ideas and creative flair into your portfolio):

  1. Market research: Develop marketing analysis and evaluation of different marketing actions to establish the basic understanding related to the market research.
  2. Development of marketing pieces, i.e. analysis and evaluation of different marketing tools/resources used by competitors prior to producing own.
  3. Production of written marketing material based on marketing mix and development of the relevant recommendations.
  4. Critical Self Reflection on production of E-portfolio.

You will also engage in formative peer assessment of your peer’s development of their portfolio. During the portfolio workshops you will be required to liaise with 1 peer and formatively assess the development of their marketing portfolio. In addition, you will receive formative feedback from your tutor during the portfolio workshops two and four. A full programme of what will be formatively peer assessed, by whom and when is included in the unit pack/Solent Online Learning. Full training for peer assessment will be provided

Your portfolio must be referenced using the Harvard referencing method. Your portfolio may also contain appropriate referenced illustrations such as figures, tables, graphs, etc.

Learning Outcomes:

This assessment will enable students to demonstrate in full or in part the learning outcomes identified in the unit descriptors.

Knowledge and Understanding

K1Demonstrate understanding of the role and importance of marketing within an organisation and within the business environment.

K2Identify and describe current and potential marketing issues, which impact upon organisations.

Cognitive Skills

C1Research independently and collaboratively into marketing concepts.

Practical and Professional Skills

P1Discuss information from a variety of sources and apply to an organisation and the wider business environment.

P2Undertake directed research into a topic using a variety of sources and present a written report

Transferable and Key Skills

T1Communicate effectively within written reports and oral presentations.

Peer Review

In addition to producing your own marketing E-portfolio, you will also bepeer reviewingone of your peers portfolio’s during each IT portfolio session.