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Know about employment status in the creative media sector

Post Date: 18 - Aug - 2023

Unit1:   AwarenessofEmploymentintheCreativeMediaSector

Unitcode:L/600/9037 QCF 


Credit value:6

Guided learning hours: 40

Unit aim

The aim of this unit isto help learners recognise a range of prospectiveemployers and their profiles and products. The unit also helps learners choosean employer in terms of own personal interests, knowledge,skills and jobopportunities.

 Unit introduction

Developing on awareness of the rangeof employment opportunities in thecreative media sector is essential for learners starting their career as a creative.In doing so, learners can identify employers appropriate to their skills, theemployment status appropriateto their need the produce a CV and pitch tosecure a position in anappropriateenvironment. This unit gives learners apractical pathway tohelp them to identify and analyse opportunities and createtools.


Learners will have the opportunity to identify employment sources and the maintypes of employment status within the creative media sector. Learners will gainthe knowledge to help them choose between the main types of employmentstatus.

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

In order to pass this unit, the evidencethat thelearnerpresents for assessmentneeds to demonstrate that they can meetall the learning outcomes for the unit.The assessment criteria determine the standard required to achieve the unit.

On completionof thisunit a learner should:


Assessment criteria

1    Know about employment statusin the creative media sector

1.1    Describe the main types ofemployment status within thecreative media sector

1.2    Describe the key legal andtaxation differences betweenmain types of employmentstatus

1.3    Explain themain implications ofeach employment status, inrelation to job security,flexibility and working patterns

2    Understandthe creative mediaemployment market place

2.1    Describe a range of prospectiveemployers and the profiles andproducts of these employers

2.2    Explainhow to choose anemployer interms of ownpersonal interests, knowledge,skills and job requirements

3    Be able to promote self

3.1    Create andpresent aprofessional standard CV, withexamples of own work,appropriateto a specific jobapplication

3.2    Discussstrengths andweaknesses in relation to ownwork and aspecific jobapplication

3.3    Describe and pitch a creativeidea to an employer orcommissioner



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