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Provide objectives/rationales for the needs/benefits to be derived for your company in this particular international market.

Post Date: 20 - Dec - 2023

This paper is a Marketing Plan for Professional Organizing Business mainly offering professional organization services to residential clients.
Topics needs to be covered are: marketing, Marketing Segmentation, Situational Analysis, and Integrated Marketing Component.
- target market country or area in which to market this product/service. for this services, I will target Los Angeles, CA

Present your research, ideas and statistics in REPORT format detailing the following issues and areas of interest.

  • Provide objectives/rationales for the needs/benefits to be derived for your company in this particular international market.
  • Present a current review of the economic, political, cultural and legal environment of the specific market (country) in which you propose to operate.
  • Include a detailed marketing plan:
  • Develop a market research and implementation plan according to the main marketing variables (product adaptation, price, promotion, place, payment, profit and getting paid, etc.).
  • Outline the key cost elements of a budget for investments and operating costs.
  • Propose an organization structure/method of operation and a strategy for future development.
  • Conclusions - provide a review of the main factors assessing the strengths/ weaknesses/ opportunities/ threats in terms of your market proposal. (Your proposals do not have to be profitable if other marketing factors are more important.)

Please use appropriate APA formatting and citations throughout your report.



  1. Margins: Use one-inch margins all around. Center the title at the top of the first page. Be certain the title matches what is on the cover page.
  2. Abstract: No abstract. 
  3. Format: The paper is to use left-justified texts, 12-point proportional font, do not enlarge the title. The recommended font is CG-Times or Times New Roman.
  4. Spacing: The text of the paper is to be single-spaced with double spacing between paragraphs. Indent the first line of each paragraph. 
  5. Headings: Use headings where appropriate. Headings are centered, the first letter in each word capitalized. Use bold 12-point font for all titles and headings. 
  6. Citations: References cited in the text should use the (Author, year, page) format, as in (Harris, 1999, 225). 
  7. Don`ts: Explanatory footnotes or endnotes are not required.  Do not use running headers, footers, borders, or special commands such as large, italics, underline, or bold, except where indicated. 
  8. Tables/charts: Any tables or charts must be developed using the same word processing software as the text (Word or WordPerfect). Place tables and charts at the end of the paper. Be certain to reference the table or chart at the appropriate place they should appear in the text. Remember - these do not count as required pages. 
  9. References: Place the bibliography at the end of the paper. Use the centered heading, References. Place the references in alphabetical order. Always double space between references. Use the same font size as the rest of the text. The recommended style for books and journals is given below. The titles of books should be in bold; the titles of journals and magazines are italicized. Place the titles of articles within a book, journal or magazine in quotation marks. The first line is not indented. For other types of citations, use the APA style manual as a guide.

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