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Select an area of HR/business practice and give the reason for your choice

Post Date: 30 - Nov - 2023


Activity 1

Your CEO has asked each departmental head to undertake a critical review of their systems, processes and practices as part of a major organisational change agenda. You have been asked to review an area of HR/business practice and present a business report to key stakeholders with recommendations for improving practice. To provide the basis for your report, you have been asked to conduct a critical review of information sources relevant to the area of practice. You should:

  • Select an area of HR/business practice and give the reason for your choice
  • Undertake a critical review of different information sources (at least four) e.g. research digests, academic and professional literature, online databases, key texts relevant to the selected area of practice.
  • Draw meaningful conclusions from the review of the different information sources.
  • Make justified recommendations to named stakeholders for sustaining and/or improving practice.

Your report structure should include:

  • Title page (report title and their name, submission date)
  • Executive summary (overview, methods of analysis, findings, recommendations)
  • Table of contents (list of numbered sections)
  • Introduction (terms of reference)
  • Main body (headings and sub-headings these could be for each information source reviewed). Candidates should use a mix of narrative and diagrammatic formats to present their findings.
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Reference list/Bibliography
  • Appendix if used i.e. information supporting their analysis but not essential to its explanation.

Activity 2

  1. Summarise the key stages of the research process.
  2. Compare two different research methods.


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