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UFCFHC-15-3 Usability and Interaction Design

Post Date: 20 - Dec - 2023



Module Details

Module Code


Module Title
Usability and Interaction Design

Module Leader
Rex Tam

Module Tutors

Component and Element Number

B1-Group Presentation

B2-Individual Report

Weighting: (% of the Module’s assessment)

B1-Group Presentation: 40%

B2-Individual Report: 60%

Element Description

Total Assignment time

B1-Group Presentation: 12 hours

B2-Individual Report: 18 hours


Your tasks in this coursework are

B1. To evaluate the usability of a self-selected interactive product (e.g. website, mobile app or Information visualizationproduct etc.) as a group and

B2. To re-design the product individually.

Your focus should be on the interaction design of the product and the goal of the coursework is to improve the product in the aspects of usability and user experience by applying the concepts, methods and techniques in the realm of interaction design. If a website is chosen, mobile-friendly design should be one of the target in the evaluation and the re-design.

Group Formation and Topic Selection

The first assessment is a group presentation. You are requested to form a group of 4 persons.Each group should choose and evaluate one product. You can choose any suitable product(e.g. website, mobile app orInformation visualizationproduct etc.).Again, interaction design should be the focus.

The second assessment is an individual design. Each member needs to re-design the same product individually after the evaluation. Mobile-friendly design should be includedif the product is a website.

In the selection of the product, you should consider whether the target user group is reachable or not, the application context and the interface type can be researched or not in the given time frame, as the viewpoint of users,the information of application contextand interface type are essential to your study.

You are required to submit the member listand the selected product nameon 25 Sep.

B1-Group Presentation (40%)

This is a group assignmentto evaluate a self-selected product.

The concept of the DECIDE framework should be applied in the evaluation such as the goal of the evaluation should be discussed and stated clearly before any evaluation.

You should use two approaches to evaluate your selected product. You can choose any two approaches from the following:

  1. Expert-based testing (heuristic evaluationor cognitive walkthrough)
  2. Usability test
  3. Field studies

If you want to choose any other approaches, you should consult your tutor first.

Reasons of selection, proper steps and results according to the selected approaches need to be shown clearly in the presentation.

Whether the product is usable across different platforms should be considered as one of theobjectives whenever appropriate.

Deliverables: B1-Group Presentation

  1. Presentation materials: Each grouphas to prepare a Powerpointor other similar materialsfor the presentation.Presentation script should be included whatever appropriate. You need to submit the presentation materials on or before23Oct2019.
  2. Presentation:Each group (4 persons) will be given 20 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for the Q&A sessionon 24 Oct 2019. So, each group member should prepare for a 5-minute presentation.
  3. Job allocation report: A report less than 400 words to describethe job allocation of each memberon or before23 Oct 2019.
  4. Turnitin report should be submitted on or before 23 Oct 2019.

Marking Criteria: B1-Group Presentation

a)     Content (mainly on the twousability evaluations) (40%)

-        Have the evaluations been planned and conducted according to the DECIDE framework?Are the goals stated clearly?Can the evaluationsreflect the usability of the product? Can the evaluationsmatch the goals? Can the usability of the product be maintained across different platforms?

b)     Structure and Organization (20%)

-        Is the presentation well organized and easy to follow?

c)      Quality of individual delivery(individual mark) (15%)

-        Do you speak clearly? Do you engage the audience? Do you appear to fully understand the material you are presenting?

d)     Individual contribution (individual mark) (25%)

-        Do you contribute to the evaluations and the presentation? Do you seem well versed in the material?

The total marks obtained by each member are based on the following two components:

  1. Group marks: (a) + (b);
  2. Individual marks: (c) + (d)

B2-Individual Report (60%)

You need to produce a report to capture all the artifactsin the process of the re-design of the product. The length of the report should be up to 2000 words.

The following contents should be included:

  1. The needs of users; personas are expected whenever appropriate.
  2. The requirements of the product(focused on the scope of the re-design);and the usability goals and the user experience goals.
  3. Research on the design principles / guidelines, both general and specific to the product / technology to be used.
  4. Hi-fidelity prototype of the productas the re-design suggestion based on the above information and research. Bonus will be awarded for interactive prototype.

You should make good use of the information and result inthe first assignment. As two assignments are so closely related, you should have a holistic plan for the assignments from the beginning such that you can collect the necessary informationtogether.

The source information can be shared within the team, but you are prohibitedto share your individual report to your teammates including detailed idea sharing.

Citation and reference should be handled properly.

Deliverables: B2-Individual Report

  1. The report up to 2000 words needs to be submitted on or before 29Nov 2019.
  2. Turnitin report needs to be submitted on or before 29 Nov 2019.

Marking Criteria: B2-Individual Report

a)     The needs of users, including personas whenever appropriate (10%)

-       Can the characteristics of users be described?

-       Can the needs of users be truly reflected?

b)     The requirements, usability goals and the user experience goals (20%)

-       Can the requirementsreflect the needs of users?

-       Have suitable goals been identified and defined in somemeasurable ways?

c)      Research on the designprinciples / guidelines (25%)

-       Can suitable and specific principles of design be identified and summarized clearly?

-       Is there any explanation of how to apply the principles to the case?

d)     Quality of the re-design suggestion (35%)

-       Can the goals be achieved?

-       Have the usability and user experience of the product been improved with the support of the principle summarized in (c)?

-       Have different aspects in the context been taken into consideration?

-       Have proper tools been used to produce the hi-fidelity prototype?

e)     Presentation of the report (10%)

-       Is the report well-structured and easy to read?

-       Are there any grammatical errors?

-       Are the citation and reference handled properly?

Submission Dates



Group member list

25 Sep (23:55)

The name of the product to be studied

25 Sep (23:55)

Group presentation materials

23 Oct (23:55)

Group presentation

24 Oct


29Nov (23:55)

B1 Group Presentation (40%) - Grading Criteria

Group Presentation


Category guidelines

Content (two usability evaluations) (40%)

-  Little or no evidence of understanding of evaluation approaches; less relevant goals;little or no useful results (0-15);

-  Proper evaluation process was attempted; reasonable goals; evaluation methods supported by moderate research were applied quite effectively; reasonable results (16-27);

-  Proper evaluation process; precise and challenging goals were achieved; suitable evaluation methods supported by extensive research were applied effectively; multiple platforms have been checked; very useful results; mobile-friendly design has been checked if it is a website (28-40).

Structure and Organization (20%)

- Lack of organization and little evidence of preparation (0-7);

-  Understandable organization and quite well prepared (8-14);

- Well organized and well prepared, very clear structure (14-20).

Quality of individual delivery (15%)

- Little evidence of planning and unconfident (0-5);

- Confident in delivery but is not as engaging as it can be for the class (6-10);

- Very confident in delivery, clear and attractive preparation (11-15).


Individual contribution (25%)

- Little contribution (0-9);

- Moderate contribution (10-17);

- Significant contribution (18-25).

(Refer to the guidelines for the content and based on the job allocation report, i.e. the first row in this table)


B1 Individual Report (60%) - Grading Criteria


Category guidelines

The needs of users, including personas whenever appropriate (10%)

-  Weak or incorrect description of users and their needs (0-3);

-  Fair description of users and their needs (4-6);

-  Precise and clear description of users and their needs with evidence(7-10).

The requirements, usability goals and the user experience goals (20%)


-  Inappropriate and unclear requirements and goals (0-7);

-  Appropriate and clearrequirements and goals; they can reflect the needs of users (8-13);

-  Precise, measurable and achievable requirements and goals, they can truly reflect the needs of users (14-20).

Research on the design principles / guidelines (25%)


-  Little to no research(0-9);

-  Some relevantresearches have been conducted and summarized (10-17);

-  Extensible, relevant and specific with good quality researches have been conducted and summarized (18-25).

Quality of the redesign suggestion (35%)

-  Little to no improvement(0-13);

-  Some improvements in usability and user experience based on the previous researches; the desired goals have been achieved partially (14-24);

-  Concrete, creative and dramatic improvements in usability and user experience supported by design principles;multiple platforms have been catered; the desired goals have been achieved; proper tools have been used; mobile-friendly design has been provided if it is a website(25-35).

Report presentation, organization and list of references (10%)

-  Poor presentation (problems with spelling, grammar, or layout), and/or incomplete citation and referencing (0-3);

-  Fair presentation; quite organized report (4-6);

-  Good presentation;clear, effective organization of report content into sections and proper grammar, spell checking and referencing (7-10).

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