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Understand customer care in active leisure

Post Date: 15 - Aug - 2023

Unit 2:Promoting customer care in active leisure

Unit reference number:K/503/0774
QCF level:3
Credit value:3
Guided learning hours:18

Unit summary

This unit assesses the knowledge and understanding that a learner needs in relation to promoting and delivering good customer care in an active leisure environment.

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

Learning outcomes

Assessment criteria

Evidence type

Portfolio reference


1.   Understand customer care in active leisure

1.1.      Explain the contribution that customer care makes to business success in active leisure

1.2.      Summarise the types of customers that active leisure organisations have and their expectations for customer care

1.3.      Explain how active leisure organisations establish and maintain customer care standards

1.4.      Explain the importance of good team work in delivering customer care in an active leisure environment

1.5.      Explain how to promote customer service to other active leisure staff

1.6.      Explain the importance of active leisure staff building strongrelationships with customers





Learning outcomes

Assessment criteria

Evidence type

Portfolio reference


2.   Understand how to respond to customer problems in active leisure

2.1.      Summarise the range of problems that customers may experience in an active leisure environment and the appropriate responses to these problems

2.2.      Explain the importance of responsiveness, empathy and good communications when dealing with customer problems

2.3.      Explain why active leisure organisations have complaints procedures

2.4.      Describe different approaches to complaints handling in active leisure organisations




3.   Understand the role of monitoring and evaluation in relation to customer care

3.1.      Explain the purpose and value of monitoring customer satisfaction

3.2.      Describe different indicators and methods of monitoring customer satisfaction

3.3.      Explain how organisations can evaluate and make use of data on customer satisfaction





Learning outcomes

Assessment criteria

Evidence type

Portfolio reference


4.   Be able to show how an active leisure organisation can deliver and improve customer care

4.1.      Research an active leisure organisation’s customer expectations in relation to customer care

4.2.      Draft customer care standards for an aspect of an active leisure organisation’s operations

4.3.      Draft customer care procedures for an aspect of an active leisure organisation’s operations

4.4.      Design a complaints procedure for an active leisure organisation

4.5.      Research and evaluate customer satisfaction in relation to an aspect of an active leisure organisation’soperations

4.6.      Propose ways in which customer satisfaction with an aspect of an active leisure organisation’s operations could be improved




Assessment requirements/evidence requirements

Learning outcomes 1-3

Knowledge and understanding assessment involving one or a mixture of:

•written questions and answers



Learning outcome 4

Practical assessment involving practical assignments or projects, for example, a work-based assignment based on improving an active leisure organisation’s customer care policies and procedures.

Assessment methodology

This unit is assessed in the workplace or in conditions resembling the workplace. Learners can enter the types of evidence they are presenting for assessment and the submission date against each assessment criterion.

Alternatively, centre documentation should be used to record this information.

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