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Understand customer service policies within business and service contexts

Post Date: 01 - Dec - 2019

Unit 6:   Understand How to Manage the Provision of Customer Service in Hospitality Organisations

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Unit aim

This unit has been devised to assess learners’ ability to recognise how customer service can be improved to meet customer needs in the hospitality industry.

Unit introduction

This unit introduces learners to the principles and objectives of customer service, with a focus on hospitality. Learners will be able to develop an understanding of the nature of a customer service culture and the principles of quality service in the business and services management environment. They will appreciate how information gathered from customers is a major tool used to improve the delivery of services. Evidence from working in the hospitality industry will provide a focus for this unit.

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

In order to pass this unit, the evidence that the learner presents for assessment needs to demonstrate that they can meet all the learning outcomes for the unit. The assessment criteria determine the standard required to achieve the unit.

On completion of this unit a learner should:

Learning outcomes

Assessment criteria

1    Understand customer service policies within business and service contexts

1.1            Explain reasons for using customer service policies

1.2            Explain the purpose of evaluating a customer service policy

1.3            Explain how the review of customer service policies can assist future staff training and development

2    Understand how communication impacts on the promotion of a customer-focused culture

2.1            Identify benefits and limitations of communication methods

2.2            Analyse how communication methods can be used effectively

2.3            Analyse how customer perception is influenced by customer service provision

3    Understand how hospitality services to meet customer requirements and expectations can be identified

3.1            Identify sources of data that can be used to identify customer trends for hospitality services

3.2            Explain how hospitality services offered can be evaluated for their effectiveness in responding to customer requirements

4    Understand how improvements to customer services can be implemented

4.1            Identify the resources available within hospitality organisations that require use when implementing new customer services

4.2            Explain the significance of staff training for the implementation of new customer services


Learning outcomes

Assessment criteria


4.3            Explain why new customer services need to be implemented to take account of fluctuations in service demands

4.4            Explain how new services can be reviewed to check that they are providing the level of customer service intended

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