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Understand key issues relating to producing creative marketing communications (advertising) concepts and solutions for clients

Post Date: 16 - Aug - 2023

Unit 9:Producing Creative Marketing Communications (Advertising) Concepts and Solutions for Clients

Unit code: H/504/3085 
QCF level: 4
Credit value: 7
Guided learning hours: 30

Unit aim

The aim of this unit is for learners to develop the skills and knowledge that will be useful for entering employment in the creative and media sector, or progressing to higher education. The unit prepares learners for some of the issues that they are likely to face when contributing to the development of creative marketing communications concepts and solutions to meet clients’ advertising needs.

Competency unit assessment guidance

This unit should be assessed predominantly in the workplace. Please see Annexe E. Observation, witness testimony, questioning, professional discussion, written and product evidence are all sources of evidence which can be used.

Unit introduction

When moving from education into the workplace, a new employee will be bombarded with words, jargon and concepts that may sound new and mysterious, but which are part of a common language used by those already working in that industry. As learners progress through the unit they will be introduced to key issues that form the basis of producing creative marketing communications concepts and solutions for clients’ advertising.

Learners will start to work as part of a team that analyses and unpicks a client’s brief, to identify the client’s needs and use that brief to inform the development of the creative solution. From understanding the client brief, learners will start to be able to develop creative ideas and concepts that can be taken to the client for approval.

At all times learners will be reminded that any creative solution they propose must be legal, decent, honest and truthful, and within the regulatory framework of the creative and media sector.

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

In order to pass this unit, the evidence that the learner presents for assessment needs to demonstrate that they can meet all the learning outcomes for the unit. The assessment criteria determine the standard required to achieve the unit.

On completion of this unit a learner should:


Assessment criteria

1    Understandkey issues relatingto producing creative marketingcommunications (advertising)concepts and solutions forclients

1.1    Identify production techniqueswhich can be used acrossdifferent platforms

1.2    Assess the benefits andlimitationsof style principles,written toneof voice and formatwhen used for differentchannels and platforms

1.3    Explain how storytelling can beused acrossdifferent channelsand platforms

1.4    Explaintheimportanceofpositioning creative ideas withinan overall competitive contexttaking account of aclient’scompetitors’ activitiesandmarketing communications(advertising) strategies

1.5    Explain how toutiliselinks andcommonalities betweenproducts and organisations

1.6    Assess the benefits andlimitationsof visual aids andwaysof presenting informationincluding:

●   mood boards

●   scamps

●   videos

2    Be able to identifyandagree therequirements of clients forcreative marketingcommunications (advertising)concepts and solutions

2.1    Analysea client’s brief withother strategists to establishthe needs and expectations of aclient’starget consumers

2.2    Confirmown understanding of aclient’s requirements andparameters of a desiredmarketing communications(advertising) solution



Assessment criteria


2.3    Offer constructive suggestionson how a client’s brief andparameters might be changedand improvedto those with theauthoritytomake decisions

2.4    Establishhow the success ofcreative marketing conceptsand solutionswill be judged

3Be able to develop creativemarketing communications(advertising) concepts andsolutions for clients

3.1    Liaise with others to define andarticulate creative concepts andsolutions

3.2    Generatepossible creativeconcepts and solutions to meetthe requirements andparameters of a client

3.3    Evaluatepossible creativeconcepts and solutions toidentify those that aremeaningfuland most likely tomotivate target audiences

3.4    Suggestalternativesoutside ofthe brief asappropriate

3.5    Create stimuli thatcommunicate ideas,conceptsand solutions toothers

3.6    Work within a client’s timescaleand budget


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