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Understand marketing in the context of active leisure

Post Date: 15 - Aug - 2023

Unit 15: Marketing in active leisure

Unit reference number:D/503/0772
QCF level:3
Credit value:6
Guided learning hours:30

Unit summary

This unit covers the knowledge, understanding and skills that a learner needs in relation to marketing in an active leisure organisation.

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

Learning outcomes

Assessment criteria

Evidence type

Portfolio reference


1.                            Understand marketing in the context of active leisure

Explain the purpose and value of marketing for active leisure organisations

Explain the components of a marketing mix in the context of active leisure




2.                            Understand marketing methods in the context of active leisure

Explain how to identify market segments for an active leisure organisation

Compare different methods to research customer needs and expectations, including evaluating current provision

Explain how to identify and prioritise target markets for active leisure services/products based on market research

Explain the process of developing new, or refining existing, active leisure services/products to meet market needs

Explain how to assess different promotional methods for appropriateness and cost-effectiveness in an active leisure context

Explain the importance of evaluating marketing plans and activities




3.            Be able to develop a draft marketing plan for active leisure services/products

Use different research methods to identify the needs and expectations of existing and potential customers

Select active leisure services/products appropriate to identified market needs

Identify target markets and marketing objectives

Plan cost-effective promotional methods, activities, schedules and resources to achieve marketing objectives




Assessment requirements/evidence requirements

Learning outcomes 1 and 2

Knowledge understanding assessment involving one or a mixture of:


  • written questions and answers
  • projects
  • assignments
  • discussions with learner


Learning outcome 3

Practical assignments or projects, for example a work-based assignment based on developing a marketing plan for a service or department within an active leisure organisation.

Assessment methodology

This unit is assessed in the workplace or in conditions resembling the workplace. Learners can enter the types of evidence they are presenting for assessment and the submission date against each assessment criterion.

Alternatively, centre documentation should be used to record this information.

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