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Understand methods of monitoring sales team performance

Post Date: 01 - Dec - 2019

Unit 7:   Understanding How to Effectively Manage the Sales of Hospitality Services

Unit reference number: T/504/2233 Level: 4
Credit value:                  9
Guided learning hours:    58

Unit aim

This unit has been devised to assess learners’ ability to understand how sales processes in hospitality contexts can be monitored and the performance of sales focused staff increased.

Unit introduction

By effectively managing sales within an organisation in the hospitality industry, the success and sustainability of the organisation will be increased. By analysing the current market position, it is possible to develop and improve the selling skills of the workforce, thus increasing sales overall. Workforce skill development will help to support the changing needs of customers and inform future practice in other areas of the business. Personal selling forms a significant part of the marketing function where clearly defined customer interactions take place within hospitality services and settings. A confident salesperson helps to improve the customer experience and support repeat sales.

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

In order to pass this unit, the evidence that the learner presents for assessment needs to demonstrate that they can meet all the learning outcomes for the unit. The assessment criteria determine the standard required to achieve the unit.

On completion of this unit a learner should:

Learning outcomes

Assessment criteria

1    Understand methods of monitoring sales team performance

1.1            Explain the importance of monitoring the sales performance of staff

1.2            Explain the importance of providing feedback on sales performance

1.3            Describe the use of key performance indicators in monitoring sales performance

1.4            Explain the importance of encouraging staff to ask questions, make suggestions and seek clarification regarding hospitality products and services

1.5            Explain the use of sales- related information in managing the sales performance of staff team members in formal performance appraisals

2    Understand how to improve the selling skills of employees in the hospitality sector

2.1            Identify techniques used to recognise selling situations and opportunities

2.2            Evaluate the use of different sales and communication techniques

2.3            Evaluate the use of negotiation skills used by staff when selling hospitality services

2.4            Explain how to select sales techniques for the situation

2.5            Explain how staff product knowledge can be developed

2.6            Identify techniques and strategies used to improve sales skills and performance


Learning outcomes

Assessment criteria

3    Understand how to improve sales within hospitality businesses

3.1            Explain ways in which consumer behaviour impacts on the buying decisions of customers

3.2            Explain how a competitor analysis can be implemented

3.3            Explain how sales forecasts can be produced

3.4            Explain how to produce sales targets based on sales forecasts

3.5            Analyse the importance of knowing the target clients and their typical consumer behaviour

3.6            Explain how ‘up selling’ can be maximised within businesses

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