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Understand the contexts in which clients for marketing communications (advertising) operate

Post Date: 16 - Aug - 2023

Unit5:  IdentifyingClients’OperatingContexts,PortfoliosandCurrent MarketingCommunications (Advertising)

Unit code: J/504/3080

QCF level: 4
Credit value:4
Guided learning hours: 21
Unit aim

  • This unit aims to give learners thetools to identify client operating contexts,portfolios and currentadvertising strategy. Learners will look at what a client isdoing with their advertising and learn how to assess its impact.

Competencyunit assessment guidance

  • This unit should be assessed predominantly in theworkplace. Please seeAnnexeE. Observation,witnesstestimony, questioning, professionaldiscussion,written andproduct evidence are all sources of evidence which can be used.

 Unit introduction

  • When developing an advertising campaign fora client, the advertisingprofessional needs toshowthe client that they fully understand their business.In this unit learners will learnhow to recognise the client’s business in thecontext of its market and how toensure an advertising campaign willhelp theclient’s commercialposition. It is important to have an awareness of whichsector and industry the client’s business is in andhow it is performing in thesector in order to inform the advertising campaign. It is also necessary tounderstand how to ensure that anadvertising campaign meets legal,regulatoryand ethical requirements of the sector. Learners will learn how externalinfluences, suchas economic, social and political factors, impacton a business.
  • Understanding the client’s productand strategy is vital for communicating theproduct to the consumer through an advertising campaign. In this unit learnerswill explore the strategy andpositioning behind clients’ portfolios of productsand services,and the relationship between client brands and their corporatebrands.
  • As the purpose of an advertising campaignis to havea positive commercialbenefit learners will assess the impactof advertising on the key drivers ofbusiness performance and potential challenges to thebusiness.

Learning outcomesand assessment criteria

In order to pass this unit, the evidencethat thelearnerpresents for assessmentneeds to demonstrate that they can meetall the learning outcomes for the unit.The assessment criteria determine the standard required to achieve the unit.

On completionof thisunit a learner should:


Assessment criteria

1    Understandthe contexts inwhich clients for marketingcommunications (advertising)operate

1.1      Review markets and marketdevelopments in which clientswork

1.2      Summarise key aspects ofpublic, legal,regulatory andethical requirements in clients’sectors

1.3      Review the effect on a client’sbusiness of:

●    economic factors

●    social factors

●    political factors

2    Understandthe products andservices of clients formarketingcommunications (advertising)

2.1      Explainthestrategy andpositioning behind clients’portfolios of products andservices

2.2      Explaintherelationshipsbetween clients’ brands andtheir corporate brands

3    Be able to evaluate clients’current marketingcommunications (advertising)

3.1      Assess the impactof clients’marketing communications(advertising) on:


●   key drivers of businessperformance

●   potential challenges tobusiness




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