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Understand the current market position of clients for marketing communications (advertising)

Post Date: 16 - Aug - 2023

Unit6:  Understanding Clients’NeedsandPrioritiesforMarketingCommunications(Advertising)



Credit value:4

Guided learning hours: 17

Unit aim

The aim of this unit for the learners to understand their clients’ needs andpriorities for advertising. The unit covers all the stages of carrying out thisprocess, including the ongoing monitoring of aclient’s views on the advertisingoutput.


Competency unit assessment guidance

This unit should be assessed predominantly in theworkplace. Please seeAnnexeE. Observation,witnesstestimony, questioning, professionaldiscussion,written andproduct evidence are all sources of evidence which can be used.

Unit introduction

  • To deliver asuccessfuladvertising campaignthat meetsthe client’s needs andcontributes to thecommercial success of their organisation, the advertisingprofessional needs tounderstand the client’sbusiness andwork closely withthem to ensure continued success. In thisunit learners will learnhow to assesstheir client’s position in the market and business vision,establish the client’sneeds andunderstandthe influence of competitors or barriers to success.
  • Learners will understand the future needs andpriorities of clients, their viewson previous campaigns and their wishesfor future activity,aswell as howtorecommend measuresof success for future campaigns.

  • Learners will prepare a summary of theclient’s needs andconsider what toinclude in proposals for specific advertising campaigns. They will learn how torecord client communication and agreements.

  •  learners will demonstrate their ability to monitor and review the needsand priorities ofthe client to ensure a successful advertising programme.

Learning outcomesand assessment criteria

In order to pass this unit, the evidencethat thelearnerpresents for assessmentneeds to demonstrate that they can meetall the learning outcomes for the unit.The assessment criteria determine the standard required to achieve the unit.

On completionof thisunit a learner should:


Assessment criteria

1    Understand the current marketposition of clients for marketingcommunications (advertising)

1.1    Assess client current positionand their business aims andvision for the future

1.2    Discuss and confirm clients’marketing communications(advertising) needswithcolleagues

1.3    Identify potential barriers toachievinga client’s marketingobjectives for the developmentof products and services

1.4    Assess a client’s actualandpotential competitors’marketing communication(advertising) strategies andplans

1.5    Identify factors that havecontributed to thecompetitiveposition of client’s products andservices

2Understand the future needs andpriorities of clients formarketingcommunications (advertising)

2.1    Identify theinfrastructure andprocesses within a client’sorganisation that could beutilized to meet their needs

2.2    Establish client perceptions ofprevious activity and the impactthis could have on future plans

2.3    Establish aclient’s desired levelof marketing communicationsactivity, their aims and thereturn on their investment

2.4    Suggest measures of successfor futuremarketingcommunications initiatives

2.5    Confirm a summary of a client’sneeds, priorities andparameters for futuremarketing communications(advertising) activity



Assessment criteria

3    Be able to record the needs andpriorities of clients formarketingcommunications (advertising) inline with requirementsof ownorganisation

3.1    Explainwhat should be includedin a brief that records a client’sneeds andpriorities

3.2    Maintain accurate records ofagreements with a client in aformat that is useful andaccessibleto those with a rightto refer to them

4    Be able to review the needs andpriorities of clients’ formarketing communications(advertising)

4.1  Monitor and review a client’sneeds andpriorities accordingto organisational guidelines







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