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Understand the nature and process of negotiation

Post Date: 07 - Dec - 2023

Individual Assignment (30% of the coursework grade)

Learning Objective:

Upon completing this assignment, students will be able to:

  • Understand the nature and process of negotiation
  • Explain and apply the concepts and skills in achieving negotiation effectiveness in real-life situations
  • Present their written ideas clearly and effectively


Identify and explain the skills or problems contributing to the outcome in a negotiation situation, of which you may choose fromOneof these THREE options.

Option A: Onenegotiation scenario of you;

Option B: Interview someone who shares his/her experience of ONE negotiation situation.

Option C:One negotiation scenario in the news which was published on or after July 1, 2019.

The report should cover the following (suggested report headings in brackets):-

  1. Explain why negotiation took place in the scenario. (Introduction)
  2. Identify and explainTHREEgood or poor negotiation techniques/skills that affected the negotiation outcome. (Analysis)
  3. Suggest one technique or approach which may be applied for improving the negotiation outcome. (Recommendation)


  • The report should be written in less than 600 words, excluding cover page and appendices
  • Appendices: For option A and B, please attach the full description of your personal negotiation experience or the interview scripts as supporting documents; for Option C the news (local or non-local; English or Chinese) must be printed in the appendices to show the date and source of publishing.Assignment without the appendices of supporting materials will not be marked.
  • Make a cover page for your assignment which contains all the information of your personal particulars (Name, Student No., Class, Tutorial Group and Your Instructor’s Name)
  • Typed on A-4 size paper, 1 inch margin on all sides, font size of 12, Times New Roman
  • Double line spacing
  • References are optional.

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