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Understand the team leadership role in active leisure

Post Date: 16 - Aug - 2023

Unit 1:Understanding how to lead a team in active leisure

Unit reference number:F/503/0778
QCF level:3
Credit value:3
Guided learning hours:17

Unit summary

This unit assesses the knowledge and understanding that a learner needs in relation to leading a team in an active leisure environment.

Assessment requirements/evidence requirements

Learning outcomes 1-6

Knowledge and understanding assessment involving one or a mixture of:

•written questions and answers



Assessment methodology

This unit is assessed in the workplace or in conditions resembling the workplace. Learners can enter the types of evidence they are presenting for assessment and the submission date against each assessment criterion.

Alternatively, centre documentation should be used to record this information.

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria




Portfolio reference


1.   Understandtheteamleadershiproleinactiveleisure

1.1.      Explaintheimportanceofteamleadershipinactiveleisure

1.2.      Summarisetheresponsibilitiesofateamleaderinanactiveleisureorganisation

1.3.      Describedifferentstylesofleadershipandhowtheycanbeappliedindifferentsituations




2.   Understandtheroleofemotionsandbehaviourswhenleadingateamin activeleisure

2.1.      Explainwhyitisimportantforateamleadertobeawareofownemotionsandtheeffectthatownemotionscanhaveonteammembers

2.2.      Explainwhyitisimportantforateamleadertobeawareoftheemotionsofteammembersandhowtorespondthese

2.3.      Describehowtomanageownemotionstoachieveapositiveoutcomewhenleadingateam

2.4.      Explainhowtomanageconflictwithinanactiveleisureteamtoachievebestresults








Portfolio reference


3.   Understandthevalueofdiversitywithinateam

3.1.      Explaintheimportanceoftakingaccountofdifferentskillsetsandcharacteristicsinateam

3.2.      Describethedifferenttypesofskillsandcharacteristicsthatmembersofanactiveleisureteammayhave

3.3.      Describehowtomakebestuseofdifferentskillsetsandcharacteristicsinanactiveleisureteam




4.   Understandtheroleofcommunicationwhenleadingateaminactiveleisure

4.1.      Explaintheimportanceofeffectivetwo-waycommunicationwhenleadingateaminactiveleisure

4.2.      Describesituationsinwhicheffectivetwo-waycommunicationisparticularlyimportant

4.3.      Explainhowtousearangeofcommunication techniqueswhenleadingateaminactiveleisure





Learning outcomes

Assessment criteria

5.                            Understand the role of motivating others when leading a team in active leisure

Explain the importance of motivating others when leading a team in active leisure

Describe a range of factors that motivate team members when they are working in active leisure

Explain how to select different ways of motivating others according to the situation and the individuals involved

Explain what is meant by ‘empowerment’ and how empowering team members can contribute to team performance

Describe how to maintain the motivation of team members when the team has experienced setbacks

6.            Understand how to provide team members with a sense of direction and common purpose

Explain the importance of team members having a sense of direction and common purpose

Explain how to give team members a sense of direction and common purpose

Describe situations in which a team leader should take direction from a team member

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