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A brief critical evaluation of the market performance and background information of your chosen source brand (flagship brand)

Post Date: 22 - Jan - 2020


‘Brand Management ’ (MARK 2313) –, Individual Assignment Two: Concept Proposal and Board Feedback and Mark Sheet

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MARK 2313: Brand Management

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Marker’s comments

Overall Comments and Execution of Assignment Brief:

Marker Guidelines

Students will be assessed on the overall execution of the assignment brief as a whole – with adequate treatment of all sections stated within the assignment brief. Students should provide a clear concise introduction outlining the direction of the proposal. Some reference to the context of the report with reference to the industry under investigation.

A brief critical evaluation of the market performance and background information of your chosen source brand (flagship brand):

Students should present a clear snapshot of the chosen market with a clear vision highlighting a need for a brand extension. Within this section it is important for students to interpret secondary data and illustrate how secondary data was used to inform decisions.

Marker Guidelines

A clear demonstration and grasp of the macro factors of their chosen industry is required. Student should exhibit a clear identification of key factors that influence the need for a new brand extension. Higher marks will be awarded where a rigorous analysis is undertaken supported by key references. The presentation should be of a high standard demonstrating the ability to interpret the secondary data and highlighting a need for a brand extension. High marks will also be awarded where students have considered the implications of market factors on brands. Students should demonstrate an extensive and well informed critical and interpretive analysis.

Critical Analysis of the Source Brand:

Students should clearly discuss and critique the original source brand. Brand theory such as brand heritage, brand name, brand image analysis and the four building blocks should be clearly discussed and justified. Students must consider the strength and limitations of the relevant brand theory for the chosen branded article in order to aid a rigorous critique.

Marker Guidelines

High marks will be awarded to students where they have demonstrated an excellent understanding of each of the ‘four building blocks’.  Students should incorporate relevant brand terminology in each of the blocks. Brand name should be analysed appropriately.  Students should incorporate theoretical terms such as Joyce/Juliet/Monolithic/Dualithic/and elements of the brand name spectrum – and applied these appropriately. Furthermore, the brand analysis should be analysed appropriately with the incorporation of theoretical terms such as brand content, favourability and strength for brand image, and, possibly, brand added value. Furthermore, students should apply the brand heritage framework proposed by Urde (2007) – low marks will be awarded to students who simply state how their chosen source brand adheres to the applicable principles. Higher marks will be awarded to students who critically apply the framework, with specific reference to contextual features, i.e. symbols and how it relates to packaging, and states the heritage quotient of their source brand. Holistically high marks will be awarded where students have critically analysed their chosen source brand and have incorporated relevant brand language and theory with answers well-reasoned and justified.  Low marks will be awarded to students where there is evidence of poor analysis with failure to include relevant theory and terminology.

The Proposed Brand Extension

Student should outline and discuss their proposed brand extension with key insights of the market factors to which the new brand extension belongs. Furthermore students should demonstrate a strong understanding of brand image transfer theory and justify the brand extension using relevant marketing and brand theory (i.e. brand heritage) Finally students should include applied market segmentation, targeting and positioning theory.

Marker Guidelines

High marks are awarded to students where a suitable brand extension is proposed with a sound understanding of the market conditions (elements of a PRESTCOM analysis) to which their new brand extension belongs. Students should demonstrate an excellent understanding of the nature of market analysis (e.g. market size/share/trends - with facts and figures).  Competitors named and market shares given.  Lifestyle/consumer behaviour factors should also be discussed. High marks will be awarded to students where the brand image transfer is applied appropriately with good elaborations of sub-headings and points provided- with suitable justifications. Incorporated marketing concepts, e.g, segmentation, targeting and positioning should be well discussed and justified. Low marks will be awarded to students where their PRESTCOM is characterised by poor effort and understanding of the requirements of a market analysis and the brand image transfer model lacks depth and reasoning.

The Concept Board

Students should provide a Concept Board (picture board).   The requirements for this are as follows:

  1. A visual of the proposed new branded article, complete with appropriate packaging and brand name. 
  2. It should include a title and a concept statement.
  3. Students should make annotations on their concept board to highlight how they have applied the image transfer model (i.e. family resemblance)

Marker Guidelines

High marks are awarded to students who appropriately depict an appropriate brand extension that adheres to the brand image transfer model i.e. family resemblance across the source and target is apparent.  Furthermore, high marks will be awarded where there is an appropriate concept statement and annotations that explain the application of the image transfer model. Low marks will be awarded to a poorly presented brand extension, with limited application of the image transfer model.

Report organisation, presentation, format, references, appendices and grammar:

Marker Guidelines

Marks are also awarded towards the organisation/structure of the report. Students should demonstrate the depth and breadth of their research and reading – which should be referenced correctly both in text and within the reference list. Note students must include material from at least five academic journal papers, as well as textbooks, to help you with your reasoning.

Additional Marker Guidelines:

A basic assignment that achieves a pass grade will include:

  • Adequate treatment of all sections, following the elements required
    Adequate analysis of current trends/future trends/developments occurring within the relevant industry that are supported with relevant/appropriate references
    Relevant use of a range of sources
  • Some insights offered into the PRESTOM factors ­ though there would be limited interpretation of the data
  • Report tends to be descriptive in nature ­ therefore there would be more scope for greater critical analysis and interpretation
  • An attempt at applying theoretical frameworks though the application of the frameworks and the interpretation is weakly applied and justified
  • Basic concept board is presented – with limited application and evidence of the brand image transfer model applied
  • Correct format in report and adequate sources and clear referencing

A good to excellent assessment will demonstrate:

  • Very good treatment of all sections, drawing upon and using secondary data well to inform the proposed brand extension
  • Well-developed, evaluative analysis of developments occurring within the relevant industry
  • Solid insights into the market (for both source and target) that are strongly supported with relevant excerpts/statistics
  • Good assimilation of the important elements needed from a PRESTCOM analysis that strengthens key justifications with evidence of solid interpretation of the data
  • Well applied theoretical models or concepts that critically analyses the source brand – with a sound evaluative analysis offered
  • Theoretical models applied well with relevant brand terminology included
  • Well-developed response to the concept board is presented – with strong application and evidence of the brand image transfer model applied
  • Organisation of report ­ clearly presented, logical linkages, in line with guidelines.
  • Five academic journals integrated into the report.
  • Consistent, accurate and thorough referencing

(see also written comments in text)

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