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Assess a range of different factors which impact on an organisation’s business and its HR function.

Post Date: 30 - Nov - 2023

TITLE: CIPD Level 5 in Human Resources Management

Assessment Criterion:

1. Assess a range of different factors which impact on an organisations business and its HR function.

  • Identify, summarise and explain 3 external factors. For example: limits to immigration (P), interest rates (E), ageing population (S), artificial intelligence (T) GDPR (L), increase of green policies (E) if you discuss BREXIT, be specific
  • Explain why these factors impact both:

your organisation AND

the HR function

2. Analyse various internal forces which can shape the HR agenda.

1. Briefly introduce your organisation and its HR function (how is HR delivered, what are their priorities?)

2. Analyse how TWO different HR models impact on the HR agenda of your organisation (explain key features of the model and contrast both to your organisations) HR models Ulrich, Michigan, Harvard check the VLC

3. Identify 2 internal factors that impact your HR agenda (i.e. culture, organisation structure, management style, business objectives)

3. Compare two different tools for analysing the business environment.

1. Identify two different analytical tools used for environmental analysis (i.e. SWOT, PESTLE, Porters 5 Forces)

2. Briefly describe each of the models features, advantages and disadvantages

3. Explain similarities and differences

4. Explain the key stages in strategy formulation and implementation and the role of HR.

1. Summarise and explain the key stages of strategy formulation and implementation using a theory

2. Discuss the role of HR at each stage e.g. Policy, advice, training etc.

1. Analysis Where are we now?

2. Formulation - Where do we want to go?

3. Evaluation Can we get there?

4. Implementation How will we get there?

5. Control How will we know when we are there?

5. Examine HRs contribution to business ethics and accountability.

1. You could start by defining ethics and accountability

2. You must explain how the HR function contributes to business ethics AND accountability

✓ Ethics - CIPDs code of conduct, fair and transparent processes, confidentiality etc.)

✓ Accountability - monitor, whistle blowing, policies and discipline

6. Evaluate business performance and the role of HR in business planning and the change management agenda.

1. You must present a table to outline financial AND non-financial indicators of how business can be evaluated

2. Provide a discussion linking the methods to the evaluation of business performance - how effective are these methods? What are they telling you about how the business is performing?



Productivity measurements

Turnover rates

Sales growth by product or service

Engagement surveys

7. Evaluate business performance and the role of HR in business planning and the change management agenda.

1. Explain the role of HR in planning (i.e. Walton and Burgoyne)

2. Explain the role of HR in change management

Consider an example of change, apply change management models (Kotter or Lewin) and discuss the role of HR at the different stages

8. Assess and utilise sources of business and contextual data for planning purposes.

1. Assess how business (internal) and contextual (external) data/information can be used for planning purposes

2. Use a table to present three sources of business data (a mix of internal and external)

3. Develop a discussion assessing their use in business planning



Cost data



CIPD - Labour market reports

Customer analysis

Market data competition

Human metric staff turnover, productivity, absence data



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