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Conduct a thorough literature review in an ethical manner using appropriate referencing.

Post Date: 10 - Aug - 2023




Aims and Summary

The project module is a major individual study in a business management topic at Honours level. It serves as the main vehicle for integration of the various course modules and provides a focus for the practical application of other course material. Each project must be unique and will therefore vary in scope and emphasis. They will provide first-hand experience of an aspect of analysis, development, application or evaluation of systems in business management. Projects are expected to be a substantial practical problem-solving exercise or a research study which require students to demonstrate their skills in organisation, time-management, investigation and communicationThe main aim of the individual final year project is to give students experience in carrying out a substantial piece of work to a professional standard.

Module Size and credits

Module size


CATS points


ECTS credits


Total student study hours


Entry Requirements (pre-requisites and co-requisites)


Excluded Combinations


Composition of module mark (including weighting of components)

Coursework 100%

Pass requirements

Module Mark must be at least 40%. Reassessment: a failed project with a mark of no less than 30% may be resubmitted.  A student with a mark less than 30% must retake the module with a new project topic.

Special Features


2.   TEACHING, LEARNING ANDASSESSMENT Intended Module LearningOutcomes

On completion of this module the student should be able to

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in defining a research problem, identifying research objectives, developing purpose statements, and research questions.
  2. Conduct a thorough literature review in an ethical manner using appropriate referencing.
  3. Formulate appropriate research design process including primary and secondary sources of data collection, data analysis, conclusion and recommendations
  4. Reflect on the process of development of the project and report and communicate findings effectively.
  5. Reach relevant and useful conclusions in the evaluation of the implementation or the explanations offered.

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