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examine and analyses different motivational theories you think will work for Jack discount stores and satisfy Tesco management

Post Date: 07 - Dec - 2023

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Introduction to Business studies

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Task 3 – Case Study

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This assignment is to be submitted electronically using Blackboard


Task 3

Case-Study - Motivational Techniques at Jack stores

Recently Tesco announced opening of new discount stores “Jack” as part of their ongoing strategy to compete against Aldi and Lidl.  These stores will have competitive pricing similar to Aldi and Lidl (BBC, 2018). The management is keen to display that new stores will be well looked after and funded just like other Tesco stores. They have assured that “Jack” stores will have similar culture and carry same values as Tesco stores. They also want to make sure the employees are highly motivated to work for “Jack” stores.

Motivation plays a very important role in increasing employee productivity. Motivated employees have high job satisfaction and loyalty. They tend to be less absent and sick. They show high commitment and dependability towards their work. Tesco management wants to make sure that new employee needs are well understood and taken care of.

You are a HR Assistant at Jack Store.

Your task - As a HR assistant examine and analyses different motivational theories you think will work for Jack discount stores and satisfy Tesco management.  Write a 1000-word report covering at least two motivational theories and applying their advantages and limitations to Jack discount stores.


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