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Identify sources of information, methods of collection and analysis suitable for international and global marketing

Post Date: 20 - Dec - 2023

International and Global Marketing

As the Marketing Director of a small family business based in your home country that manufactures high quality food products, you have been tasked to develop a new international market for these products. The company is considering entry to a major European country and has requested some initial advice from you.

Your summary for the family’s Board of Directors should highlight the key macro-environmental areas that the business needs to consider before expanding into a new market and then, using your macro-environmental analysis, recommend a market that proves to be the best opportunity for development.

1500 words

  1. Explain the four most important macro–environmental (PESTLE) factors that the family business will need to consider when marketing to a new European country.
  2. Based on the findings of your individual and group research, what specific recommendations would you give the family business to standardise or adapt the marketing mix for the proposed new target audience in the European market that you have chosen.


(What sort of products will you market? What sort of pricing strategy will you select given the target audiences, what distribution channels and how will you promote the products / brand?

You should do this by clearly explaining theoretical concepts regarding international and global marketing and the complexities of the international environment AND applying them specifically to this food industry scenario.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the module, the student should be able to:

  • Identify sources of information, methods of collection and analysis suitable for international and global marketing.
  • Compare and contrast international and global business environments.
  • Evaluate different international and global marketing strategies, planning and implementation.
  • Use the tools of analysis and decision-making in the preparation of marketing plans to real-world settings.
  • Construct a convincing and comprehensive strategic marketing plan with accompanying costs and schedules.
  • Identify and analyse ethical and environmental factors relating to international and global marketing.

% mark



Non-presented work, name only, plagiarism, collusion


Notes of little relevance to the question, or only an introductory paragraph, or one or two scattered thoughts.


Some notes relevant to the question, but without coherence.  Little evidence of getting beyond the proposal.


The answer may ramble around the general area of the question without specifying a basic question.  The work has little development, coherence or structure.  No evidence of criticism, synthesis or evaluation.


Significant errors may be present.  The answer is poorly planned with little clear train of thought or development of argument.  Some evidence of ability to collate information and construct generalisations but with limited comment on the weighting of evidence option.


The answer demonstrates an understanding of the major or basic issues in the question.  Evidence of an effort and significant data collection with a satisfactory level of analysis and judgement including a statement of the criteria.  Evidence of selection of appropriate material, logical structure and clear argument.  Overall framework is sensible and accurate.


Evidence of ability to state and defend on the basis of evidence a personal position in relation to an issue or aesthetic.  Evidence of ability to evaluate information and synthesise generalisations from it.  Clear evidence of selection of appropriate material, logical structure and clear argument.


Evidence of ability to maintain a personal position in original terms, showing a command of the accepted critical positions with some attempt at innovation.  Sound use of relevant factual knowledge and theoretical issues presented in a lively, articulate and controlled manner.


Evidence of the ability to consistently and forcefully maintain a personal position in original terms with some original insights, providing comprehensive and accurate coverage of the question and issues under consideration.  Evidence of wide but focused reading presented in a highly articulate style.


Evidence of excellent understanding of the question under consideration and the complexity of the issues involved.  Theoretical considerations are used to underpin the overall design and the relevance of factual information.  Some measure of original and creative thinking.  Evidence of wide reading with a critical focus.


Beyond the received critical or conceptual positions with evidence of creative and intelligent innovation, consistently and forcefully expressed.  An exceptional and outstanding submission providing insight which would not normally be available publicly, which adds to the discipline area and would with editing be publishable.  Superior organisation and comprehensiveness taking into account word limit and time scale.

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