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Select an organization of your choice in Oman and perform a knowledge management SWOT analysis for it.

Post Date: 18 - Nov - 2023

Assignment Title: Knowledge Management

Module Learning Outcomes:

The following LOs are achieved by the student by completing the assignment successfully

1. Analyse the role of technology in business intelligence

2. Carry out an organisational knowledge audit.

Assignment Objective:

To develop the appreciation that we are currently living in the information-knowledge era, where producing and sustaining knowledge is now fast becoming the business strategy for organizations. Also to appreciate the significance of intellectual capital is rising and knowledge workers are becoming the key drivers in organization. Moreover, to realize the potential of knowledge retention and creation and the need to strive to become a valuable asset and contribute effectively towards the growth and development of their workplace.

Assignment Tasks

Task 1: (Total: 10 Marks)

Submit a work proposal for this assignment which must include:

  • Understanding of deliverables a detail description of deliverables
  • Timeline for completion of the given tasks.
  • Identification of resources to be used.

The work proposal must be submitted in a word file through the link available in Moodle.

Task 2: (Total: 40 marks)

Select an organization of your choice in Oman and perform a knowledge management SWOT analysis for it. Your answer should include three distinct strengths with clear justifications [15 marks], two distinct weaknesses with clear justifications [10 marks], two distinct opportunities with clear justifications [10 marks], and one threat with clear justifications [5 marks]. The points and justifications should relate to knowledge management.

Task 3: (Total: 40 marks)

The success of an organization depends greatly on achieving its set goals. Using your selected organization, perform a knowledge gap analysis to determine whether or not the organization has the necessary knowledge assets to achieve its goals. Your answer should include an introduction of knowledge audit [10 marks], a clear analysis of the knowledge needs [10 marks] and the knowledge inventory [10 marks], and a presentation of the knowledge gap with recommendations for overcoming the gap [10 marks].

Task 4: (Total: 10 marks)

Write a reflection on the MOOC activity provided in class on any topic of KM or BI as Asynchronous Mode of study. The chosen topic should be clearly stated followed by your reflection.

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