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This assessment is based on the retailer Currys PC World.

Post Date: 11 - Jan - 2020


MSc Digital Marketing

Module Code:

MK9701 (LD9701 at London)

Module Title:

The Digital Customer Journey: Data, Profiling and CRM

Distributed on:

Teaching Week 1 (via the e-learning portal)

Submission Time and Date:

Task 1: Presentations will take place during the semester, approximately teaching weeks 9-10 (TBC)

Task 2: Date to be finalised by Student Central (in January assessment period)

Word Limit:

See below instructions for further details


The assessment has two tasks which are weighted as follows:

-       Task 1: Presentation (25%)

-       Task 2: Portfolio (75%)

Submission of Assessment

It is your responsibility to ensure that your assignment arrives before the submission deadline stated above.See the University policy on late submission of work (the relevant extract is set out below).

Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA): Please note if your assignment is submitted electronically it will be submitted online via Turnitin by the given deadline. You will find a Turnitin link on the module’s Blackboard site.














Instructions on Assessment:

This assessment is based on the retailer Currys PC World.

This organisation has the following characteristics which make it suitable for customer journey analysis in this module:

-       They operate across both online and offline channels (i.e. they are a multi-channel business)

-       They are from an industry where there is a good amount of market data available (e.g. there are reports accessible via places such as MINTELetc.);

-       Their product offering can be broken down into various categories;

-       You may have some personal experience of this product category (if not, try and visit one of their stores).

We suggest engaging in further research on the case company online at the earliest opportunity.

You will be requiredto focus your work on a specific target market who may shop at Currys PC World and a specific product category within their wider offering. Please note that you cannot select mobile phones and associated accessories as your chosen product category (as these are largely provided by Carphone Warehouse concessions in store and online).

Task 1: Presentation

Completed:    Individually

Date:              Teaching Weeks 9-10(timeslots TBC)

Duration:       10 minutes

Marks:            25%

You are required to prepare and deliver (using appropriate visual aids) a presentation which covers the following:

-       An outline of your choice of target market for the case company, using demographic,psychographic and geo-demographic criteria as appropriate.

-       You will also clearly address which product category they are likely to be purchasing from.

-       A review of a typical customer journey undertaken by your target market whenmaking a purchase in this product category. This will be presented visually, supported by research, encapsulate all online and offline touchpoints and lead to brief recommendations on how the case company can utilise this knowledge in their relationship marketing strategy.

Note: You will be required to submit your presentation materials via email at the beginning of teaching week 9before any presentations have taken place. Late submission of these will carry a marks penalty in line with university policy. More details will be made available in due course.

Task 2: Portfolio

Completed:    Individually

Date:              End of semester assessment period

Word Count:  2,000 plus other documentation (as broken down below)

Marks:            75%

This task brings together the main themes of the module and requires you to build a portfolio of developed materials.The portfolio is comprised of three parts:

Part One: Infographic (15 marks)

-       You are required to produce an infographic which provides insights on:

  • Your chosen target market
  • Your chosen product category

-       You will use secondary research to develop a professional standard document which will provide both a detailed understanding of the customer and identify trends in the product category.

Part Two: Database Activity (30 marks)

-       Using the provided CRM software and customer database, you are required to:

  • Create distinct customer segments based on suitable data fields;
  • Set clear objectives for each customer segment and justify these in an email marketing plan;
  • Develop targeted email communications designed to achieve the stated objectives.

Note:Parts One and Twoare not subject to the word count.

Part Three: Critical Analysis of Theory (30 marks)

For this section you are required to select one of the below topics:

-       Online Consumer Behaviour

-       Customer Journey Mapping

-       Database Marketing

You are required to develop a 2,000 word discussion (broken into sections as appropriate)which demonstrates an understanding of your chosen topic and provides a critical discussion of theory in this area. This will be supported by a range of academic sources (largely journal articles and textbooks) but may be supplemented by more practical sources. You will conclude the discussion by identifying current trends in your chosen area which may be relevant to digital marketers.

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