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Write about 2-3 sentences under each table or figure to explain the data.

Post Date: 02 - Aug - 2023


Instructions of result and discussion to writer

Kindly, see these points about the result and discussion and if you have something else it seems that must be added in the discussion. Please add them

  1. Please write about 2-3 sentences under each table or figure to explain the data.
  2. Write the name of each table and figure
  3. Make the discussion about each plants in terms of the MIC and plasmids result. And compare it with another literature if there are test that used plant for antimicrobial effect.
  4. Please write about the hypothesis of the result and interpretation about the result and assuming about the active compounds that make/cause this result.
  5. Total number of words of discussion must be 2500 and the 300 is the description of table and figures under each one.
  6. Number of references: for these 4 plants (Salvia miltirrhiza, Pelargonium sidoides, Tanacetum parthenium , Myristica borneesis)I need 5 references. And for these 3 plants (Angelica dahurica,Ficus brunneo-aurata, Symplococcus fscicularis)I want 3 references. The references must be in English.
  7. For the plasmids assay, please compare the result with the control and if it more than 100%, that means the compounds has inducing effect, which means the compounds increase the rate of plasmids transfer. Please explain this in a discussion and compare with other studies that have compounds induce plasmids.
  8. For the plant (Myristica borneesis) there is no significant activity in terms of plasmids result. Explain this in proper way of writing. And compare if possible with other literature.
  9. For (Symplococcus fscicularis),it has low value of MIC result, please compare it with other studies. Explain the possibilities of the active compound that might cause antibacterial effect.

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